Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LG's Weekend in Northern California

LG spent last weekend in Northern California.  He was invited to speak at a major American law firm's annual partners retreat.  Yes, it's true.  

About 140 people were on hand to hear a number of speakers, including LG, who talked about an insurance book he wrote and, also, 9/11.

This law firm shall remain nameless.  Law firms and other respectable businesses generally do not appreciate being mentioned on The LG Report.  Go figure. Apparently, they want to keep their clients.

But before we get to that, LG must tell you about his new favorite restaurant in San Francisco (where LG lived for two years, a long time ago...)  It's called Gamine (click on the name to get to the website), and every single dish was exquisite.  From the appetizers (escargot, calamari, an unnamed melted cheese dip) to the main course (rabbit with mashed potatoes), everything caused a taste riot.  The Palate Police were even called in.

The owner of Gamine, Stefan, is a very cool dude who has an interesting back story (Can people have "back stories?" On The LG Report they can, although they're more likely to have back hair...)  

Stefan was born and raised in the South of France.  We don't know if the word "South" should be capitalized there, but it probably makes the French happy and it's the least we can do since they gave us their particular variety of fries, toast and kisses.

Here's a most interesting fact: At age 13, Stefan won some big-time, national-or-thereabouts, wine-tasting contest in France.  A scholarship to a culinary school was the prize.  And we don't mean McDonald's Hamburger U.  Again, at age 13 he won this uber-big-time wine-tasting contest.  Yes, really.  At thirteen you might have won a Mad Dog- or Colt 45-tasting contest.

So anyway, if you're ever in San Francisco, you must stop in at Gamine or you'll only be cheating yourself, as your third grade teacher used to say.  Don't cheat yourself, plenty of other people are out there willing to cheat you as it is.  And maybe mug you.  So try the rabbit first before you're cheated in any other way.  Then e-mail us and we'll tell you about the fortune you're about to inherit in West Africa. 

Back to the law firm conference.

LG was the last to speak on Saturday.  He made it through the insurance part quite easily.  But then he became somewhat choked up at the 9/11 part. 

It was the first time that LG had ever spoken to a large group of people about 9/11.  He did not actually cry (honest injun), but his voice quivered and he welled up a bit.  Most of the audience members were from the West Coast and had no direct connection to 9/11 casualties, so they were very interested and attentive.  Especially on the eve of the tenth anniversary. 

When it was over, LG stepped down off the stage and a big fellow, about 6' 3" inches and a lot of pounds, zoomed right up to LG and gave him a bear hug.  He said that he always has to hug people who are obviously upset.  This almost made LG even more upset, but not quite. 

It was a magnanimous act by a total stranger.  A total stranger to LG anyway; LG assumes that other people, such as the man's family, knew him and wouldn't consider him to be a total stranger. 

Anyway, that's how it went down.  Extremely surreal day 10 years ago, semi-surreal day on September 10, 2011.  No comparison, of course.  

No pictures to post this time out, a rarity for The LG Report.  Did you even notice?   If so, we'll get that guy to give you a hug.


LG must include the following note in today's post: 

Carol, of Facing 50 With Humour, recently published her first book, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.   LG just started reading it, he's about 70 pages in, and it's a total hoot. 

Anyone will fall right into this book, man or woman.  It's a very easy read (that's not an insult on Carol's intellect by the way...) and VERY funny.  Great plot too.  So it has The LG Report's highest star rating, a 10.  Check it out if you get a chance, you won't regret it.  And we'll soon have an exclusive interview with Carol right here in this space, so stay tuned.

Now go give someone a hug, would you?


  1. LG I want to hug that man and you and Stefan right now. I am not too good at writing of speaking about emotion, someone with my cavalier attitude finds it difficult to express themselves at difficult, times; but a hug, well a hug says everything so I am sending you a ginormous cyber one.
    Darn, I even feel quite emotional now, partly due to your kindness in shouting out about my book and being so complimentary. Thank you XOXO

  2. Dear LG,

    Just wanted to give you a beeg Frainsch hug, because zee Beeg BEE-son, 'e no likes eet whain I geeve to ozers the beeg Frainsch keese.

    And you know, ze Frainsch, zay keese ze aire when zay hug.


    Mwah, mwah, mwah.

    By the way, did you see my heart while you were in San Francisco?

    I left it there, last July, and I miss it so.

  3. I assume Bear Hug Dude was a, well, um...that's damn surprising, ya know? :)

  4. After having read your post about 9/11, I'm sure your speech was very moving. And hugs are good whether from friends or strangers.

  5. Carol's book was GREAT!!

    I LOVE HUGS! Watch youtube/free hugs in sondrio italy

  6. Good job on the speaking, did you really think you could get through it without a little emotion sneaking through? Yeah, I didn't think so. And I was totally noticed there was no pictures. TIcked. Would like a hug now.....looking for the the big lawyer dude who has a heart. Most of them do you know - at least my daddy did.

    Now to go find the book. I got time on my hands and I'm itching for a good read.


  7. LG...I'm still here and very soon we are going to post that interview. I just have to change a thing or two on it obviously! Hope all is well.

  8. 9/18 - I am posting this on everyone’s blog:
    My father has been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the past couple of weeks.
    I have not been able to visit each of you as I would have liked.
    Today, it looks as if I am going to have to take him in again so don’t expect to see any comments from me for a while longer. I WILL be back as soon as this passes, one way or another. I have several posts that should go up automatically for the next several weeks that I have held in reserve just for this occasion. kt


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