Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The People of Walmart Invade Again

LG is dusting off another stack of photos of illustrious Walmart patrons.  Let's have at it:
This is the latest style in Asia: A combination black-belt karate robe and a sumo wrestler's outfit.  Oh, and it's complimented with a martial arts version of Depends adult diapers.  Note: This is not a recommended outfit to wear when you're worrying about accidentally releasing a shart. 

It appears that a breast-feeding baby is still attached to this woman's breast.  Or, possibly, she grew up near a nuclear power plant and now has a leg growing out of her chest.  In any case, this is a rare sight: Someone buying a whole case of Sierra Mist!  That's weird.

 Not really sure why this photo is in here, LG sees nothing out of the ordinary. 

How is this gentleman able to control his animal urges in the face of such sweet temptation?  It's like a flabby Valentine's Day heart with low-hanging boobs.  Hopefully this man has some protection in one of those cargo pockets.

It's nice to see the store manager's parents coming to visit on Gradiation Day. Hopefully the manager is a woman and she looks gradiant in her Gradiation Dress.

One last image for today folks.  It's not from a Walmart, but it's a sign seen in the window of another high-brow retailer: 
Dang, what is LG going to do with that $50 bill that he's been saving in his boxers since Gradiation Day?

Hope to see you back again soon folks!



  1. wow, you got some doozies on here tonight! that long droopy hoot is alarming!
    and i worked in retail and would occasionally get a person pulling money out of their bra to pay. it was always gross and warm. thankfully i never got a wet bill as payment.
    heerrrkkk.... that just gave me a big shudder even thinking about it.

  2. That second picture is...well...unfathomable.

    First, I cocked my head to one side, and then the other, having noticed that this action seems to help my dogs understand difficult things, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    Then I tried squinting.

    But alas, no dice. No comprendo.

    Do Greeks walk their goats? Somehow, I can imagine that sort of.

  3. Oh, my! The sign at the end cracked me up!

  4. Hi! I came over from Katie's blog and glad I did - you really made me smile :-) (I'd say laugh out loud but who laughs out loud when on their own??? er well, me. Great photos!

  5. ...a flabby Valentine's Day heart ...

    I will spend the rest of my day trying to work that into a conversation.

    THe world is a fascinatingly complex place, is it not? :-)


  6. The people of Walmart never cease to astound me with the crap that shows up there. Splenda once followed a dude dressed as a woman around the store until he could slyly capture a cell phone video. I think the guy got some strange ideas about his stalker.

    I don't let him do that anymore.

    While all the pics made me laugh out loud, the second one has me more than perplexed. I just can't see a baby nursing. All is see is some sort of exposed sagging flesh that really makes me want to vomit.

  7. Today I have some questions.

    First, was that YOU following me around with a camera? Why didn't you say "Hello"?

    Second, do you suppose all these people can possibly be real customers--or are they actors?

  8. Fishducky, I am pretty sure these are all real people. When you consider how many Walmarts there are and how many people shop there, it's not really that surprising that you run into some of these people...

  9. What the hell is with that sign...........who would pull money out of their underwear............mmmmmm ok maybe drug dealers or drug uses

  10. Oh Larry... I thought I saw them all... these are so disturbing. And yet I couldn't click away. I particularly like the last sign. Yuck.

  11. I hate going to Walmart, but if you really want to see the whole world parade by, it's THE place to people watch. I've never seen anything as bad as these pictures in our locale though. I don't even want to know where these people live. And money tucked away in underwear??? Eeewwwwww.... gives a whole new meaning to "moist."

  12. I am laughing out loud over here! My mouth was wide open in shock with the lady who got so much Sierra Mist! Can you believe that?! I definitely laughed louder when I saw the van all gussied up with that "gradiation" message. That is awesome!

  13. Damn! I got a $20 bill stuffed in my bra that's just itching to be spent!

    I, too, sucked in my breath when I saw that lady with the sagging breasts. But not from shock. From relief. That I wasn't caught on camera.


    Funny stuff!

  14. Flabby Valentine lady needs to introduce the saggy breast lady to the bra section.


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