Monday, January 16, 2012

More Walmartians Have Landed

Here's a look at some more Walmartians with LG-supplied captions (wouldn't be any fun to just use the ones that came with the photos...)   Enjoy!

This guy is stocking up for the party to celebrate him being named "Father of the Year" in his state.  The kids is giving the thumbs up sign while asking if anyone knows where the condoms are stocked.

Sometimes the wait for a sales clerk to help you figure out which brand of pork rinds to buy can seem interminable at a Walmart.  Or are they now selling John Goodman mannequins for home use?

Quick, is this person walking towards or away from the camera?  Answer immediately!  On second thought, is it a person?  Raccoons generally don't carry key chains.  Or is that a leash?

This shirt was trying to give its owner a message.  It was just a plain gray t-shirt when she put it on that morning. 

LG thinks we may have seen this photo, or a similar one, in a previous edition but he can't bear to go back and look at the older photos.  This is a bizarre photo on many levels, including the fact that they woman is looking at a DVD titled "How to Train Your Child-Dog."  If this photo had a theme song, it would be "Stop Dragging My Heart Around," by Stevie Nicks.  This "Mother-of-the-Year" candidate will be at the party being thrown by the dad in the first picture above.
Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  If you're moved to do something in honor of Dr. King, how about clicking HERE and voting for LG's entry in a contest run by USA Today?  The paper has asked readers to write a speech that they think MLK would give if he were alive today.  When you click on the link, push the "rate it" button and then you'll find LG's entry.  It's titled "The Dream Lives On."  The winning speech will be published in Friday's edition of USA Today and at  LG promises to vote for you if you enter a contest.  Thanks!



  1. You scored a 10 today, my friend--funny comments & a beautiful speecjh!!

  2. We never get tired of those Walmartians....It's like a car accident...horrifying, but you can't look away!

  3. Sometimes I wonder what shallow end of the gene pool these Walmart people came from. Or if they missed it altogether.

    At least they amuse us eh?

  4. I thought she had a skunk on her head.

  5. Thanks, LG! Now I know exactly where to shop for my next husband!

  6. My first thought was a skunk got loose and landed on her head. This goes back to a much older post that I wrote about people not having mirrors in their homes. Thank you for validating what I thought!! Hope all is well!

  7. Holy cow! Where do these people come from?! Dragging their kid from a leash? Sleeping on a cot in the aisle? Growing their hair out or worse yet, DYEING their hair to look like a skunk? I have NOTHING to worry about next time I go to Wal-Mart! I think!

    BTW - I voted for you!

  8. I think I've said it before but it bears repeating: There.Are.No.Words.

  9. I continue to amuse myself with the thought that, some years before 9/11, some Al Qaeda operative stood in a US Wal-mart somewhere with a cell phone pushed against his ear, saying "I think we can take these people!" Loved this post! EFH

  10. These are hilarious, as always! I definitely think that is a raccoon up there. Now, I'm going to vote for you. How exciting!!

  11. I'm very disappointed. She hasn't even seen me and she is not that into me?


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