Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greece - Part 3

LG is really pissed off. has changed to some new format which is exceedingly hard to navigate and is really annoying.  The list of blog followers, and blogs followed, are both gone.  Nobody at (Google) responds to any requests or questions.  For the time being, LG is going to post only very infrequently, once every week or two.  He's considering switching to Wordpress or another platform.  But for the time being, here are the last set of his recent trip to Greece, back by popular demand.  These were tall taken with his DROID camera phone.  Enjoy!

LG's personal yacht can be seen in the background.  It was funded by the ad revenue from The LG Report.  Thank you readers!

LG and his lovely wife stayed in the white building during their honeymoon on Santorini.
This is the view from LG's hotel balcony on Mykonos.  That pool is filled with ouzo.  Kind of sticky but you don't mind when it gets in your mouth.

This is the evening view from LG's balcony on Andros Island, where his father was born and raised.  LG got special treatment while on Andros, an extra bar of soap in his room at the local hotel. 

A fishing boat on Andros.  The fish are attracted by the bright orange color.  LG doesn't know this for a fact, but you probably don't either and it sounds good.

Bougainvillaea (thank you spell check) hang over a street in the small port town of Gavrion on Andros.  LG's dad grew up in the house on the far right, just before the stairs, although it doesn't look like a house to you rich Americans.  Get over it.

MCat and some others wanted to see pictures of Greek food.  In the foreground is a plate of saganaki, traditional fried Greek cheese.  Not pictured: Traditional Greek cardiologist performing CPR on saganaki eaters.  In the back on the right is a gyro, or souvlaki.  On the left is a plate of fat French fries, non-McDonald's style.  Get over that too.

The Acropolis in Athens, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  This building is older than Betty White (but not by much.)  The woman in the foreground in the blue dress never thought she'd be pictured on The LG Report, otherwise she would've covered her cottage cheese arm.   She's flanked by two Indiana Jones wannabees.

 A view of Athens from the Acropolis.  LG stayed in that white building.

And, finally, one last photo from the islands, the place you want to be if you visit Greece.  The economy there needs your tourist dollars and it's not really that expensive.  Just tell them that LG sent you and you'll get the red-carpet treatment.  What are you waiting for?  As Steve Jobs said, live every day as if it were your last...

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the photos and the laughs! Looks like a great place to see, but wouldn't the pool be filled with ouzo?

  2. Good point, it may well have been Ouzo Laughingmom, thanks for pointing that out!

  3. I can't say it too often - loving the pictures.

    And the food!! Okay, other than the cheesy thingie, we all know how I feel about cheese, it looks fabulous!!

    Remind me to tell you about the time when someone brought Greek food in for lunch (gyros) and I didn't realize that they were made with lamb. I thought the beef was bad and that we were all gonna get sick.....

    Yeah, I know - I am the epitome of lame.

    Thanks for sharing the vacay pics - the white building you stayed in looks absolutely beautiful


  4. The new Blogger is okay once you get the hang of it LG - stick with it and it is much better than the old version.
    Photos are super and I can imagine myself drinking in the delights of a swimming pool filled with Ouzo ;)
    It's a beautiful place. Glad you are back though!

  5. Saganaki reminds me of Nagasaki, and I see some similarities than just the sound of their names: they're both related to death. It's just death by saganaki is a whole lot slower and more pleasant than death in Nagasaki, which generally involves inordinate amounts of radiation.

  6. I swithced to Wordpress, and honestly, I don't find it easy to navigate at all. I sort of regret my decision.
    Now for the post! The pictures are breathtaking LG! And please, one day will you take me and Wayne out on your beautiful yacht! If you keep the bathroom stacked with toilet paper, I can almost guarantee he wont' run around with his pants around his ankles.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I must say, I am green with envy that you are there, in such a beautiful place that I want to get to SO BAD! I'm in Taiwan right now and gearing up to leave. If there are beautiful parts here, and I'm sure there are, I didn't get to see them. Anyway, just love every aspect of what you've shown of Greece and I know, I'll get there soon and very soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, you should switch to WordPress. I used to have a blogger account and although WordPress was a bit of a learning curve, I love it now.

  8. I'm just getting caught up on your Greece posts. What a fabulous time you must have had. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the pictures or your commentary more.

    So, if I ever get to Greece, do you recommend lodging in the white building? LOL

  9. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD! I was cracking up at you saying that your father's house didn't look like a house to us "rich Americans" and we should get over it. That is really cool that your dad was born and raised in Greece and that you were able to go visit there. So happy you were treated like royalty with the extra bar of soap! Also, how cool is that that you were able to afford a yacht on Google ad revenue??


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