Saturday, October 22, 2011

THE LGR Interviews Bouncin' Barb!

[Editor's Note: Yes, the exclamation point was necessary.] 

Today, The LG Report heads down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to interview the incomparable Barb of  This & That (As I Bounce Thru Life) .  Barb writes a delightfully entertaining blog from the point of view of a lifelong Northerner (she moved to South Carolina from Connecticut three years ago) who now finds herself in the warmer and easier-going environment of the South.  Click her blog title above to be transported to her unique world. 

The LG Report recently sat down with Bouncin' Barb over a plate of crawdads to find out what makes her tick.  Well, not really, we just asked our usual inane questions, but that sounded good.  Anyway, strap yourself in, here we go:

The LG Report:  Barb, let's address the elephant(s) in the room right off the bat...your nickname is "Bouncin' Barb," obviously because of your bouncy and buoyant personality, correct?

Bouncin' Barb:   Yeah Right!  Bouncy and buoyant but not quite about the personality.  I wrote a post about how I got my nickname.  Click Here to read it.  

The LG Report:  OK, now that I've come off seeming like a sensitive and in-touch-with-his-emotions type of guy, let's really address the elephant -- Do they ever give you black eyes when you run or walk fast?  

Bouncin' Barb:  No, but I have caused a few fender benders when I used to powerwalk!!

The LG Report:   Sorry, that was a piggish question.  We assume they're real.  How do you hold them up, is there steel reinforcement or something? 

Bouncin' Barb:  I must confess that I have never been fond of anything that is restrictive so I let ‘em loose.  At 50 years old I still look pretty good. 

The LG Report:  Sorry, sorry, this is wrong, we can't stay focused on just one specific physical characteristic, albeit a superlative one, of you.  You are a well-rounded, complex human being with a wide variety of fascinating aspects to your being.  Let's move on to something more substantial, you've already kept us abreast of developments on that other topic. 

OK, what's the cup size.  We promise, we'll move on after this one....

Bouncin' Barb:  I’m a proud D cup and yes I am a well rounded individual.  Especially with what is “behind” me.  When I was younger I would have put JLo to shame.

The LG Report:  So we're told by your media relations people that you grew up in New Jersey.  Probably the best state that there is.  What's the best thing about New Jersey in your view (viewing it over those two bouncing orbs, that is...)  

Bouncin' Barb:  I did grow up there.  I left there for a year to run wild out in Idaho but returned for a few more years.  I was fortunate to grow up in the more rural area of the state but it was turning into a concrete jungle after awhile.  I still say “cawfee”, “dawg”, and “oh my gawd”.  That always gets a laugh especially down south.  However, growing up in Jersey did teach me how to be a true Joisey Girl and not take crap from anyone!

The LG Report:  And then you spent time living in Connecticut.  We assume not at the Women's Federal Correctional Facility in Danbury.  Not that we're interested in or obsessed with women's prisons.  So, did you live near Danbury?

Bouncin' Barb:  Fortunately no.  Danbury is too close to New York.  I lived in the Hartford area.  The insurance capital of the world. 

The LG Report:  What was the best thing about living in Connecticut and if it was so great, why did you leave?  Sorry to put you in the hot and bouncy seat here.

Bouncin' Barb:  I loved CT because it was as New England as I had imagined.  And the casinos were so much fun. The schools were great for my son even though he hated school.  My late hubby was from there originally so we moved back to be near his children as well.  After he passed away I eventually moved down south to get away from the freezing cold and snow.  Lately it’s cold up till May in CT.

The LG Report:   We know that you moved to South Carolina to buy fireworks.  What's it like living in the South after growing up in the Northeast?  Do you ever find yourself missing the ice and snow and cold and traffic and crime and dirt and....

Bouncin' Barb:  You’ve been misinformed.  I didn’t move for the fireworks.  I moved for the warm sunny beaches. And I don’t miss anything about CT except for my son, step kids and grandkids.  It is pretty hot and steamy here so sitting on the beach or dipping in the ocean is amazing. 

The LG Report:  What's your favorite topic to blog about and why? 

Bouncin' Barb:  I love to tell stories of my very colorful life.  My followers ask for more so I have to provide them with what they want.  Let’s just say I can’t run for public office!  But I also like to write about my late hubby because he was so awesome.  He was much older than me so he would tell people he raised me.  He kind of did.  He had a great sense of humor.  He had to if he married me.

The LG Report:  Please provide us with a link to one or two of your personal favorite postings on your blog. 

The LG Report: We know that you've put a person's cremated remains in a Zip-loc baggie.  That's rather unorthodox.  Can you give us any other examples of wacky things you've done which would cause us to cross the street to walk on the other side when we see you coming?

Bouncin' Barb:  Sometimes I have issues with my left and rights.  I was once giving directions from the passenger seat to a friend’s house.  I said at the next stop, turn right and pointed with my hand.   Right?  Yes I said.  Right here?  Again I said yes getting aggravated.  Right here once more?    Turns out I used my left hand to point to the left while saying turn right.  So you could say that you might want to cross to the other side of the road if you see me coming. 

The LG Report:  It's widely reported in People Magazine, US Weekly and O, the Oprah Magazine, that you and Sandra of Absolutely Narcissism  (live link there) are having an international blogging affair.  A more piggish man than LG would say "Can we watch?"  As a refined blogger, LG will pass on that.  Who is going to eventually move, you to Canada or her to South Carolina and how will that work out?

Bouncin' Barb: I had to ask Sandra for her input here because we have that kind of considerate love for each other. 

Her reply: I will move.  I’m a heat know, the sun.  I love the sun…what did you think I meant by heat seeker?

My reply:  She’s got to move here to the south.  Have you seen her in a bikini?  We have beach weather for 7 months a year here.

The LG Report:  If you and Sandra were to co-write a blog, what would it's name be?

Bouncin' Barb:  We will have to keep that secret until we released the blog. But it would be good, I can promise you that.

The LG Report:  What's your position on the debt ceiling?

Bouncin' Barb:   I’m sorry.  The only time I’ve had a position on the ceiling is when there was a mirror above the bed. 

The LG Report:  Can they talk?  Sorry, that was uncalled for.  Let's move on to a different question.  I need to start looking up at your face.  Myrtle Beach is a tourist mecca, known for it's variety of interesting activities, including golf.  Given the array of attractions in the area, we have to ask: Do you work at the Master's Strip Club? If so, can you get LG's friends free passes.  These would not be for LG of course, but for his unnamed friends. 

Bouncin' Barb:  I’m sorry but I am currently out of commission.  However I have a lifetime pass at Mount Atlanticus Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach and my picture in a bathing suit is on their wall of fame.  You and your friends can go there to see me.  I made an incredible hole in one on the 19th hole that was so difficult even seasoned golfers couldn’t make it.

The LG Report: What do you think of the tourists who overwhelm Myrtle Beach? 

Bouncin' Barb:  Most of them are true rednecks who come out of the mountains every summer to see the beach.  You can have a field day people watching here. 

The LG Report:  Who would play you in the movie "Bouncin' Barb's Life Story?"  LG sees Pamela Anderson but you may have a better choice. 

Bouncin' Barb:  Pam’s were bought and paid for.  Mine are the real thing.  So I’m thinking since most of Hollywood’s women are siliconed, I’d have to play myself.

The LG Report:  Barb, it's been a true pleasure interviewing you today.  Any parting thoughts for our readers?

Bouncin' Barb:  Yes.  Live life to the fullest.  It’s way too short.

That's a wrap folks, our interview with the fabulous Bouncin' Barb has come to an end.  Check out her blog when you get a chance, she's very entertaining and well worth your time. 

See you back here again soon!


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  8. Thanks everyone. I'm peeking in while catching a breather for 5 minutes!!! See you all when I get back!

  9. Great interview of a great woman! Love you Barb!

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  11. An hilarious interview with way too many puns to be considered family friendly.

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  13. Darn spellcheck. Those hast words in my previous post were humor and genuineness.

  14. Great interview, but I agree with Desiree - far too many puns there to be considered family friendly!! Hope LG did finally prise his eyes away from your awesome assets!

  15. Sure, have a chat with my sweetheart Barb, then be asking her all kinds of questions about her boobs! I think that's rubbing it in...not the boobs...that would be piggish (new favourite word Laz!) Great interview you two! I knew this would be fun, and as per usual, you did not disappoint!...Now I'm all insecure about my A cups though...


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