Thursday, April 22, 2010

LG Cleans Out the Blackberry Camera

It's time for some Spring cleaning of the ole Blackberry camera. 

A variety of shots have been marinating for weeks on the memory card, just waiting to be let out into the light of day.  The combination of me having: a.) a Blackberry camera; and b.) a blog, has worked to greatly increase the number of people who hate me.  

You'll see why below.

Regular readers of The LG Report will recognize Sophie the Blog Dog.  She's seen here awaiting a treat, while LG readies the robotic arm to feed it to her.  Uncharacteristically, she is not bearing her teeth, nor is she standing on two legs and opening a can of Alpo Whoop Ass on me.  She may have thought that the Blackberry was a new type of treat, and was momentarily calm while figuring out how to devour it.   

But don't get the wrong idea, Sophie's a good dog.  And the good people at NASA will be sending us a more durable robotic arm that she won't be able to chew through next time...

This is my cousin Maria and her husband Adoni.  They live in Greece.  You probably don't know this, but in Greece a customary greeting of warmth and love is to hold up your hand and wave someone away, as if you don't want them to take your picture and would, actually, prefer that they fall into a hole and die. This photo captures a very heartwarming moment between cousins.

Here's cousin Maria in my car.  She mustn't have been in a particularly warm and loving mood that day since she wasn't waving me off with the traditional greeting.  Ok, so I made that whole thing up.  You got me.

Notice that bite taken out of the fender of the silver SUV in the background?  Sophie.  She also chewed the roof off my car.  But don't get me wrong, she's a good dog.

This is my buddy Jimmie and his wonderful daughter Abby (of Flat Abby fame, from this post in case you missed it. )  They stayed with me overnight in New York recently.  We were dining at Yama  when this photo was taken.  The next morning, after Abby woke, I ran my Dustbuster under the sheets of the bed she'd slept in, saying that I was using my "Fart Detector" to see if any had been let loose during the night. 

She laughed at that one. 

I thought it was all in good fun, until earlier today, when Jim told me that Abby, for 12 consecutive mornings now, has used the family's Dirt Devil as a "Fart Detector." 

Sometimes, just sometimes, I'm not the greatest influence on kids.

And, finally, below is the last leftover picture from my Blackberry's Spring cleaning.  My hamburger spontaneously experienced some type of weird mustard stigmata.  The Vatican, and Ronald McDonald, have been notified.   

Oh yes, I am that immature. 

DANNIE INTERVIEW UPDATE:  A number of you have been asking about the Interview with Dannie (hey, one is still "a number.")  His lawyers are reviewing the questions carefully.  We hope to have the post up within the next few days, so please be patient.  Apparently, Dannie has a full-time job that takes precedence over the non-paying duties assigned to him by The LG Report.  Can you imagine?   

We've also floated the idea of an LG Report interview with Geo.  Thus far, his people say the interest level is not great.  Actually, we've only gotten as far as his people's people.  Geo is big time now. 

If you'd like to encourage Geo to subject himself to an interview, please post appropriate comments.  His people's people tell us that Geo reads the comments section -- when he's not clubbing with Lindsey or Paris, that is.  

As always, thanks for checking in.  We'll see you soon with a new post, one that hopefully won't set off the fart detector. 

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  1. Dear LG, I'm not going to encourage Geo to do an interview. I'm going to DEMAND it! It should be a "hard hitting" interview too. Not like Michael Kay on the YES network. We need answers. Thanks.


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