Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes, You Should Believe the Hype...

...especially when it's coming from The LG Report.  We wouldn't lie to you, unlike other big and sophisticated media outlets. 

What are we talking about?  Good question.

We're just building up a little excitement for the upcoming debut of The LG Report 50-State Interview Series!!  Yes, it really does merits two exclamation points!!  Even that previous sentence did!  But that last one, and this one, didn't, they got only one! And this sentence gets none.

Shortly, we'll be unveiling the first in our series of interviews with residents of each of the 48 50 (forgot about Alaska and Hawaii) states.  We may even throw in a few foreign countries, like England, China, and Texas.

And, believe us, this is the real deal when it comes to entertainment; it's not an over-hyped and disappointing offering like Kate Gosselin, Paris Hilton or The Tea Party Movement.  This is truly amusing stuff from around the country -- which is especially interesting to the high-brow readers of The LG Report, since our recent survey shows that 93% of you have a full collection of state quarters.  Nice job.  Wyoming wasn't easy.

These interviews will combine whimsical, give-us-your-funniest-answer type questions, with serious inquires about things like the best and worst aspects of living in each state.  We may also ask where to get the a good slice of pizza, or a cheap-but-clean hotel room.  You never know what will emerge from The LG Report's team of seasoned journalists.

Our first interviewee, as previously noted, will be Dannie, representing New York.  His interview will be posted within the next few days, so stay tuned.

Also, in case you're wondering, and who wouldn't be?, this feature will not run in consecutive postings, it will be interspersed with the other random crap musings that regularly appear on The LG Report

So relax, grab yourself something to drink, and pull up a chair to enjoy 50 interviews from around the country, starting soon.   And we have just the beverage for you, on us, so enjoy!

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