Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green Acres 2011

LG recently moved, which mostly explains why he's been so negligent lately with his blogging.  His computer isn't fully set up and his home office is far from unpacked. 

That's not LG and his new wife pictured above us (you probably recognize the "Green Acres" characters), but, in a way, it's a good representation. 

For the vast majority of the last 25 years, LG has lived in New York, Boston or San Francisco.  He's now living in The Sticks.  Well, not exactly The Sticks, but only a stone's throw from The Sticks. 

Let's play a little game.  See if you can spot the differences in the two photos below.  It will be tough, so get your thinking cap on and look for every subtle nuance. Feel free to use a magnifying glass if need be.

Here's LG's old neighborhood in Manhattan, the one he just left:

And here's the scene just down the road from his house in his new neighborhood:

Can you see any differences?  Look again, more closely.  Many people fail to see the discrepancies until studying the photos for a while.  

OK, OK, LG will tell you:  The tavern, cars, people, buildings and most signs of civilization are missing from the second photo.  Takes you a while to pick up on that, no?  The location of the first photo actually looked EXACTLY like the location of the second photo at one time.  That was in the year 1524. 

But, of course, LG moved here to be with his True Love, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Whereas LG used to walk out his front door and see a row of neatly-kept brownstone buildings and a plethora of pedestrians, here's his new front door view:

Let's hope those neighbors in the far distance don't throw any loud and wild parties.  Actually, let's hope they do...

So be forewarned readers:  Some of the blog's postings will now change from the viewpoint of a single, sophisticated and cosmopolitan city dweller (the old LG) to the married, displaced urbanite making his way in suburbia (the new and improved LG.)  Should be fun.  And LG is looking forward to it, of course, otherwise he wouldn't have made the big move.

Well, that's it for today, LG needs to run, he hears the phone ringing.  We hope to see you back here again soon!




  1. Take a deep breath and smell some cows. I love it.

  2. My kind of livin'! Enjoy the country life with your new bride the country wife!!


  3. Oh you funny, FUNNY man! This was a wonderful introduction to the new improved you! I LOVE your new home setting and am certain you will be very contented surrounded by so much space and verdant beauty. And just think how fit you'll be with clambering up telephone poles several times a week and ploughing and hoeing and walking such great distances to get a sneak peek at your neighbours! I feel quite envious!

  4. Haha, take a deep breath...and smell the cows.

    I moved to Utah two years ago from California, and I'm STILL trying to adjust. I hope you can adjust to your surrounding more quickly than I. Good'll need it.

  5. Appreciating you not stealing The Boonies® as your New Locale. The Sticks® will suit you better, especially if you have to keep climbing up that Stick of a telephone poll to get cell phone reception.

    Congratulations on your new home: may it be the spot of the greatest happiness of your life!!!

  6. Prepare for culture shock! Hope you enjoy life in the country!

  7. Congrats! Rural life has its perks, but get back to city once in awhile or you'll go insane.

  8. Very cool! (It's your turn to clean the outhouse)

    Can't wait to hear of you adventures from your new place!

  9. That actually looks kind of nice. Watch out for the gangs in the country. I heard they have drive by shootings (they ride their mule by and spit watermelon seeds at you if you are wearing the wrong colors.)

  10. Take Manhattan, and give me that country style!!

    Hey, at least you have sidewalks and a paved road. My sticks are dirt roads and two alien families at the end of mine. haha. I love living in the country and yet I'm 5 minutes to the ocean and city. You can't beat that when you grew up in NJ and Connecticut. Glad you're settling in!!!!

  11. ... the differences are subtle, but yes, there seems to be a slight change in your environment.
    HOLY COW PILE! Are you adjusting? It'll be interesting to see how that rural air influences the tone of the LG Report!

  12. I moved from L. A. to small town middle America in 1976. It was like moving back in time 40 years. Yes, it was an adjustment. Watching paint dry was the highlight of many of my days. However, I adjusted and would not leave this area for anything. kt

  13. I love your new digs! Great views. Looks very peaceful and serene. Good for you...enjoy, LG!

  14. I think your new place is beautiful! Plus, I'm sure the shopping, restaurants and cultural events are far more superior where you are now. No? Still, your true love is there! Have fun settling in. :)

  15. If you need some lessons in living the country life, just track us down. We have cow tipping and riding in the back of pickup trucks down to a science. I'd be willing to bet that current city dweller Chris could give you some pointers too...
    You'll settle in Larry. I'm sire the big move will be great for blog fodder.


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