Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Grossest Video Ever!

LG can be immature, silly, gross and disgusting at times, like most adult males (and young, non-adult males, but let's be honest: Is there really a difference between the two classifications?) 

But before we get there, LG would like to tell a quick story about his bride (this is for those not inclined to watch the video linked below after reading all of the disclaimers.) 

LG's bride is the absolute best ever.  She's awesome.  Great in every way, including the entertainment category.  It's sort of like living with the lead character in "I Love Lucy."  And LG is not just saying this so that she won't slam him in the head with a frying pan for telling this story.

Last year, before LG married her, he was on the phone with his Bride while she was vacuuming.  In mid-sentence she said "Oh shoot, the vacuum cleaner just died on me.  This sucks because I just got it back from the repair shop and it's broken again.  I'm so annoyed...." 

A couple of days later, here's how the conversation went:

LG:  So what happened with the vacuum cleaner, will it be expensive to fix? 

LG's Bride: Ah, no, it just came unplugged from the wall. 

True story.

If you have a weak stomach or become easily disgusted/grossed out, you may want to stop reading here.  We'll see you next time.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please pull the door behind you on the way out. The cashier will validate your parking.

OK, now for the rest of you cool folks... The LG Report's ongoing series of Stupid Things People Will Do For $5 continues today with Henry, who's making an encore appearance.  Some of you may remember Henry from his first appearance on The LG Report with THIS VIDEO.

Well he's back again, this time in an all-new, grossest of the gross video clip.  WARNING: Do not click on this link if you have a queasy stomach, are nursing, operating heavy equipment or don't like toilet humor.  The other 99% of our readers can continue by Clicking Here!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by folks!

PS We apologize to all whom we may have offended.  And please be assured that no real human feces were harmed in the making of that video. 


  1. I'm thinking that Young Henry should maybe mow lawns or something for 5 dollars. :)

    And your wife before she was your wife vacuum, priceless.

  2. i just perused a few of your videos, including the woman crawling through the doggy door. those are amusing! and your voice reminds me of home in ny where i grew up. thanks for that! =)

  3. are still Henry's age, right? You're just pretending to be older?

  4. I would have been grossed out by the video if I had not seen the previous video where you grossed out your wife with the fake turd. So I'm just dismayed that you have sunk to toilet humor again. I know, I was warned!

  5. Uh Huh! Sure, like I believe that! kt

  6. Is your wife a blonde? Sounds like what my daughter would do!

    That turd-eating kid, ewww!!

  7. Not a good video to watch after consuming bacon and eggs for breakfast! I should have known better after the last video. Curiosity got the better of me.

  8. #1: Henry's cute.

    #2: What Eva said.

    Did you like how I managed to talk about both #1 and #2 on this particular blog post? I did it just for you. :-D

  9. I am leaving early without watching the videos. I have a feeling I would get a little sick.

    Loved the vacuum story!

  10. Bailed out as well! I no longer trust your productions!


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