Wednesday, August 3, 2011

People Of Walmart Part 3

LG hasn't had much time to post lately, as you may have noticed, due to a number of issues too boring to recount here.  However, he feels it's time to get a new post up, so he's going with an old favorite, People of Walmart.  

We have some interesting interviews coming up (interviewees: please be patient with LG, he'll get the questions out to you eventually...) and some other inane features, but for now, let's just sit back in the warmth of the summer and enjoy some photos of our fellow man (and other creatures) as they shop at Walmart.  

Thanks to the good people at the website People of Walmart for these candid shots: 

We start out with this ridiculous photo.  Who would wear a "PSC4 - CREW" t-shirt with those shorts?  Gotta admire the team spirit of that Minnesota Vikings fan on the right however.  We bet he can't wait for Brett Favre to un-retire again!

This topless woman suffers from a rare condition wherein her head is permanently turned at a 180-degree angle from its normal position.  Oh, wait, is that the case or does she just have massive back boobs?  We're not sure.  In any event, The Missing Link must've heard that she was in the store because he's pictured on the right, heading in to see her.

Obviously, she's just checking to see where her work product is ending up. It's amazing as to how perfectly those shoes fit over her hooves.  She'd better get out of there before some mischievous Walmart shopper tips her over. 
Is that woman really wearing that garish fluorescent green shirt with dark jeans?  She has to be kidding us.  Her dog is cute though.  Looks like one of those new breeds, a Cock-a-people.

It's difficult to choose the grossest aspect of this photo.  Although this woman is doing a good job of picking for us.

That butt crack is so deep it looks like this man was sawed in half vertically by David Blaine. We wonder if he's trying to shoplift stuff in there.  Who wants to volunteer to check?  By the way, what sicko blocks out the cashier's face but leaves the butt crack exposed?

At least some people have the decency and sophistication to wear black-tie attire to Walmart.  And everything appears to be a perfect fit.  

Well, that's it folk for this edition of The People of Walmart.  There were actually some photos on the website that were too gross even for The LG Report, but you can check them out for yourself over at The People of Walmart.

We hope to see you back here again soon.


  1. Walmart is a freak show. I can only browse the people of Walmart site for a few minutes or I fall into deep depression. Thanks for leaving out the more offensive photos. You had me laughing at the PSC4 shirt comment.

  2. Very entertaining, LG. And just think, we are getting a Walmart next year in my little town. The photo ops I will have.

    People really are amazing. And the person in the cow suit is a man, I think? :)

  3. Nancy, I think you're right about that being a guy in the cow suit, but I realized that if I was going to claim he/she/it was/is a cow, I'd have to make him/her/it a female otherwise it wouldn't make sense. We're nothing if not logical over here at The LG Report!

  4. Truly, these pictures make me very, very worried to ever visit the USA! I know that is likely to be deeply offensive, but while all you guys ever see of South Africa is people living in shacks and wild animals roaming around, all WE ever see are the People of Walmart!!!

  5. You are so hilarious! I definitely think you need to work on that website for real. You have so much extra time on your hands, right? I just kept reading through them, looking at the pictures and mouthing "NO WAY".

  6. Thanks for the laugh this morning..I love the website people of walmart...I am always so thankful when I don't find a picture of myself or anyone in my family! lol

  7. I love that website, too, but I keep worrying someday I'll see my photo there!

  8. WalMart. On the days when you feel old, unattractive, unfit? Give it a walk-through.



  9. Thanks for the laugh. I learned a new word today - "back boobs." Who knew?!

  10. That last one... wow.

    I want to start a People of Target, but it would be just a bunch of slightly overweight women in their 50s.

    Going to comment on your contest thing tonight. Got my computer fixed.

  11. I guess we are lucky out here in middle nowhere Missouri. We don't get any of those colorful types here.

    I stopped by to point you toward a really funny gal. Check out her latest post:

  12. Married life is too hectic?

    I just wanted to let you know I miss your comments.


  13. ---All I can say is Holy Shit. IS this for reals?


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