Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cleaning Out the Old Camera-Phone

LG thought that you might like to see a few pix from his camera-phone.  If not, just pretend you're interested... thank you. 

This is a friend of LG's who shall remain nameless in case he ever wants to apply for a new job or get a credit card.  He wanted to smoke this cigar during a recent tailgate party but the outer tobacco wrapper was slit so he couldn't get a solid drag on it.  LG helped him remedy the problem by offering up some duct tape (which LG always carriers in his car) to seal the slit. It worked like a charm so LG is now going to patent a new duct tape wrapper for cigars (made in Cuba, of course...)  Jeff Foxworthy would approve, no doubt.  

President Obama was supposed to stop by LG's house for a visit this week but, as you can see, Joe Biden came instead.

The crowd prepares for LG's appearance on stage just before his latest stand-up comedy gig.  

 LG has some great ideas to improve America and is thinking of running for president.  Case in point:  LG thinks that everyone, especially city dwellers, should spit their chewing gum into potholes when they're done with it, thereby solving both sanitation and faulty road problems at once.  He may be revealing more of these brilliant ideas in the next few weeks, stay tuned! 



  1. Great pothole repair idea!! We could use it in L.A.

  2. i like your pothole idea! perhaps the concept will catch on if you make a youtube video of the proper procedure and then a car driving over one with the the driver grinning.

  3. Boy, you sure do draw a crowd! Was that before or after they had to change your venue to "accomodate the weather?"


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