Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Restaurant Recommendation

Yes, we still have a cache of antique photos to plow through, but LG is taking another detour tonight before pressing on with those.  He has a restaurant recommendation for you.  Still trying to figure out what "cache" means? Nah, you read The LG Report, you're smart-ish! 

LG recently discovered an excellent tapas  place (click on the word "tapas" in case you're not familiar with that particular cuisine) and he'd like to share it with readers of The LG Report

This establishment has a wide variety of excellent small plates.  You can sample everything from appetizers to desserts.  The atmosphere is always lively, the servers are friendly and, best of all, the small plates are always FREE!!!!  It's called Costco  and there's probably one near you.  Here's a photo of one of their most excellent serving stations:

Full disclosure: Mrs. LG accused LG of elbowing an older gentleman into a display of cereal boxes in order to get the last strip of sizzling, crispy, mouth-watering, center-cut bacon on offer from the tapas server.  LG is sure that he heard the unfortunate octogenarian say that he was feeling dizzy because his Canadian-bought internet medication was failing just before the dust-farter took a header into Cap'n Crunch's groin.  Check the store security camera, LG doesn't lie (especially when he knows he's just outta site of the security camera...) 

OK, that's it for tonight folks, an excellent restaurant tip that both your stomach and pocketbook will appreciate!


  1. I don't know about your Costco, but the ones out here in a state with a bazillion and one kids? Seriously a freakin nightmare! It's as bad as the buffet line at the Chuck-a-Rama. Between the kids and the octogenarians (blue hairs as I call them) it's really just Russian Roulette. Some tapas (yes I had to look it up) are just not worth it.

    And I am pleased that you noted that your readers are smart-ish. That's as close as I've ever gotten!

  2. Ifyou play your cards right (& I'm assuming you ARE playing with a full deck) you can not only get tapas (appetizers) but an entree & dessert. Of course, to get enough to fill you up, you'll probably have to make repeat visits to the server. Bring a couple of disguises, though. When they recognize you they'll stop giving you free food. I know--my husband has tried.

  3. We go to Costco for tapas every Sunday after church. Since I've never been to Spain (but I kinda like the music...they say the ladies are insane...and they sure know how to use it...) we call it "hors d'eouvres après l'église".

    Because we're really very FrenchieFrench. We know what a "cache" is and stuff.

  4. O Kay, then. But I hope you don't go as far as inviting your esteemed guests to this new, favourite diner of yours? That would be as bad as giving your Wonderful Wife sliced bread for her birthday!

  5. Funny! I avoid Costco and Sam's Club due to the crowds, screaming kids, and long checkout lines. Sorry! Now if they had a drive thru dining window...??? haha. Happy Holidays Mr. and Mrs. LG!

  6. Ah yes - the Costco deli. The price IS right, isn't it? But it isn't nice to push and shove, LG. Even if it's for bacon.

  7. Hahaha!!! This cracked me up. I love how you sprung Costco on us like that. I was all proud that I knew exactly what tapas was before you were going to tell us, because I think I am smart-ish. I bet you did elbow that old dust-farter. LG! You should be ashamed!

  8. I don't think I've heard bacon described quite so eloquently before. Like ever!


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