Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Old Photo Train Rolls On...

Mrs. LG dragged ole LG to another antique store this past weekend, although, truth be known, he's going more willingly these days due to the various treasures he's finding.  LG stumbled upon another cache of old photos, so he made a few more purchases for the viewing pleasure of readers of The LG Report.  You're welcome.  Don't mention it.  

But, before we get to some of those pictures, we have two quick orders of business. 

FIRST, LG must report on another "I Love Lucy" moment with Mrs. LG this weekend.  As some of you know, LG equates living with Mrs. LG, at times, to being married to Lucille Ball (or at least her character in the TV show.)  It's all very enjoyable, of course.  Please keep in mind, this is 100% true.


The Scene: Saturday night, in the car, pulling away from our friends' house, where we had just enjoyed a delicious meal and very fun evening with Kristy and Rich. 

The Dialogue:

LG: Check to make sure you have your phone, you're always leaving it somewhere.

Mrs. LG: It's right here in my pocketbook, I have it, no need to worry.  [10 second pause]  Oh, wait, what's this, I have another iPhone too.  How did I get two phones?  I must've taken Rich's phone by accident. Yes, this is Rich's phone.  I was looking at it after dinner.  We have to go back. 

[Note: LG is accustomed to having to return to places shortly after we've left]


When we got back, Rich was waiting in his garage for the safe return of his kidnapped iPhone (which, LG believes, was issued by his employer and, even if not, is certainly critical to Rich's work.)

Mrs. LG, in order to be a wise-ass (she comes by that on her own, don't look at LG...seriously), said to Rich "Can I just hold onto it for a few days, I'd like to try it out to see if I like this new 4S phone." 

Rich, as you'd expect, was a incredulous and quickly explained that he needed the phone for work and couldn't loan it to Mrs. LG, even just for a few days.

All true.  

SECOND, LG is not in the business of shilling (not for others that is; certainly he shills for himself and The LG Report), but he has a piece of information that he feels he must pass on.

LG's friend Deb left her high-powered job in the financial services field a few years ago to start a business selling "Victory Cakes." These are heavenly creations (the words "cakes," "muffins" and "cupcakes" don't do them justice) based on recipes created by Deb's great grandfather, a master baker who came to the United States from Northern Ireland long ago.  Here's what one looks like close up:

These babies come in many flavors and all are truly scrumptious.  They're moist and flavorful and create an absolute explosion of delight in your mouth.  Honestly.  Victory Cakes make great end-of-year holiday gifts for clients or hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives.  They're also terrific as a desert at holiday parties and family meals. 

Anyway, if you're interested, you can check them out for yourself on the MacDougall's Victory Cakes website by clicking HERE!

Deb wanted to extend a special offer to readers of The LG Report.  Mention The LG Report and you'll get (LG is quoting Deb here so as to not screw it up): "...a free Dassie Traditional Mini MacDougall Victory Cake (Wilbur Chocolate and Butterscotch) with the order of a Petite MacDougall or 1/2 dozen Mini MacDougalls -- plus a free Irish Shamrock Holiday ornament!"

If you're looking for something unique and yummy this holiday season, you can't do better than Irish Victory Cakes.   

THIRD, we're finally at the photo segment.  We've done about three posts in a row with old photos and we still have enough for at least two more posts.  Yes, we like to milk an idea for all it's worth. Here we go:

The original Cabbage Patch Kids are seeing here in a Photoshopped (but pre-Photoshop) picture from the days of old.  Back in 1946, this was an example of cutting-edge graphics.  It would be years before scientists were able to superimpose children's heads onto cucumbers, carrots and stalks of corn.
Here we see the original donor for the Nerd Gene, which was recently mapped along with the rest of man's DNA. This fellow, as you can see, was one of the more smartly dressed crossing guards in all of Nerdlandia.  He was also well prepared for any sudden cresting of rivers with those high pants.


The caption for this photo practically wrote itself: "Oh my oh my, I do hope that one day, 70 years hence, my photo will be ridiculed on something called a 'blog' which can be read and enjoyed by people all over the world after Al Gore invents the internet.  And I wonder if science will ever solve the mystery of how my hair became the darkest thing every photographed on Earth up to this point."  

There you have it folks, another posting in the books.  More old photos coming soon, stop back when you get a chance!


  1. Those old photos are such fun. I especially love the last one!

  2. Loved the photos, but how come we don't get to vote on captions anymore? Are you afraid we'll be funnier than you?

  3. I enjoyed seeing each of these old photos. You certainly have an eye for picking out the good ones. Or is it your wickedness that drives you to do so? Against my better judgement, I was unable to suppress a giggle at the Nerdlandia caption. Shame on you, LG. how can you make us laugh at these poor souls? Deb's cakes look and sound scrumptious. Pity I live so far away! No, maybe not! I really can't afford to be tempted by such treats. I think Mrs LG dropped a nice, large, clear as daylight, hint for you to pursue. An iPhone in her Christmas stocking, perhaps? It's a bit more expensive than sliced bread, but we know you can rise to the occasion, Big Guy :)

  4. You can't even tell you photoshopped your face under all that hair!!

  5. I'm jealous after I saw that first photo! My twin sister and I were NEVER superimposed on roses....and we were born in '55! By then they could have come up with lots of new photo tricks! Ha ha!

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying your marriage, LG. :-)

    Heading over to see the Victory Cakes for myself. They look moist, very moist...


  7. Love those old photos. And those cakes? Well, now you've hit me where I live... I will have to investigate more closely.

  8. I'm really laughing out loud over here! Love, love, love the Cabbage Patch Kids pre-Cabbage Patch Kids. That is really, really awesome. Those Victory Cakes DO look good. I may have to order some. Last, your wife sounds just like me! I'm always forgetting things!

  9. 1. I LOVE Mrs. LG. The phone scene? Could have been written by me. I have either left my phone or my keys at a particular home twice this last week and have had to sneak back in (they had since gone to bed) or waited until daylight to retrieve. Again, I repeat, that I love the Mrs LG

    2. That last picture is hysterical. I see her dreaming about a handsome prince come to sweep her away, however she remained a bitter spinster her entire years.

    3. Wish the cake place wasn't CLEAR ACROSS THE DAMN COUNTRY!


  10. Funny how your humor has developed.

  11. Entertaining! I love the caption that wrote itself. I think I went to prep school with that woman's granddaughter...


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