Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And More Old Photos...

OK folks, still more antique photos from the recent thrift shop excursion:

The suggested captions here: 

1. "I hope people will know in 80 years that here during the Great Depression we had to sell the bottom third of our ties to buy food." 

2.  "I can't wait for 'Dancing With The Stars" to be invented, we're gonna kick ass!"

3. Man: "What looks more ridiculous honey, my tie, my hair or my belt buckle?"  Woman: "You forgot your pants.  When is the river expected to crest? Are those shorts that were let down?  When did Danny DeVito lend you his trousers?"

And our other photo for today:
1. John Discorelli, inventor of the Disco Dance Ball, poses with his new creation in 1952 beside his son and daughter. The original concept of mounting it on a front lawn and doing a square dance around it was later changed to hanging it from the ceiling in a darkened nightclub. 

2.  Two men enjoy their seats while a young girl stands in the hot sun during the inaugural meeting of the "He-Man Women Haters Club."  The girl grew up to be Lorena Bobbit. 

3. Three residents of Roswell, New Mexico examine a strange egg that fell onto their front lawn from a UFO in 1947.  The three were later found dead in a local stream.  Michael Jackson bought the egg in 2003 and displayed it in his home next to the Elephant Man's genitals (not as big as you'd think).

  There you have it folks.  We still have some more antique photos in the vault, so check back again soon! 


  1. My suggested caption for picture #1--"Would you believe we buy ALL our clothes at thrift shops?"

    Picture #2--#2, deiniitely! Lorena hasn't changed much.

  2. I CAN spell "definitely"--but my computer can't.

  3. Great photos and great captions! I especially like the disco ball inventor!

  4. No, I'm afraid you'll have to try harder to get a laugh out of me for picture #2. I'm giving you a thumbs down on those captions. Picture #1 is an altogether different ball game. I laughed at captions #1 and 3. I hope you're having a very good week :)

  5. I'm still laughing at buddy having to sell the bottom of his tie in the Great Depression! You slay me!

  6. I am thinking you could do your hair like that, LG. He's dreamy.

  7. #2 gets my vote for the first picture, although, WOW, his belt line is like up to his nipples. I can't imagine that's comfortable.

    And the second pic? Love the Lorena Bobbit one.

    Diggin the old photos!


  8. Why IS his tie so short? Do you think it's his kid's tie? I vote for #1 on the first photo.

    Second photo - Lorena Bobbit.

  9. The guy in picture #1 needs a torso transplant also, while the two guys in picture #2 could stand a manners transplant ...

  10. Hahahaaaa!!!! This was so awesome! I'm still laughing out loud at the thought of him selling the bottom third of his tie to buy food or something. Hahaha!! Oh, man. I love this picture idea. Keep 'em up!


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