Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Bossy and Not Betty

Those of you who blog, probably the majority of The LG Report’s readers, know that blogging is somewhat of a sub-culture.    

One way to obtain readers (or “followers”) for your blog is to read, comment upon and sign up to follow other people’s blogs.  If someone reads and comments upon your blog, it’s considered proper cyber etiquette to read and comment upon theirs.  You show me yours, I’ll show you mine (but not behind the shed this time folks, keep it clean…)

As you wade into the roiling waters of this sub-culture, you begin to feel as if you personally know the individuals who share their lives and worldviews with you on a regular basis. 

LG, for example, has come to “know” such wonderful and diverse people as Eva in Maine, Pearl in Minnesota, Kate in Arizona (although a Minnesotan at heart), Susan in the Boonies, KKelley (no, not a typo) in Texas, Linda in Arkansas, Carol in England, Fishducky in California, Sandra in Canada, Abe in Utah, Katie in Los Angeles, Desiree in South Africa, Bouncin’ Barb in South Carolina, Becky in California, Linda in South Africa, Rodney in New Hampshire, Karen in Mizzou and a few others whom LG will purposely skip in order to provoke them into posting an angry comment about the glaring omission (Admission: LG is just a comment whore in the brothel of the blogosphere.)

Until recently, LG had not met any of these fine folks in the flesh; they’ve all been merely virtual “buddies.”  Sort of like your Facebook friends, only even more distant and superficial, if you can believe that.  And LG knows you can. 

LG has just returned from a trip to the Left Coast with Mrs. LG.  He waited until now to tell you so that you wouldn’t burgle his house – not all readers are “friends.” Here's a picture from the balcony of LG and Mrs. LG's hotel room in California: 

Pretty sweet, no?  TRUE STORY: Years ago, LG stayed at this hotel on a business trip with a married colleague.  When his wife called him the day before he was to fly home, she asked if he missed her and the kids.  "Not really," he said, "I love this hotel and wish I could stay longer."  Yes, absolutely true. Luckily, frying pans and rolling pins do not travel through phone lines. 

Anyway, back to the original point.  During this trip LG and Mrs. LG made live, in-the-flesh contact with none other than Bossy Betty, author of a truly exceptional blog which can be found by clicking HERE!.   

Also, for those interested, you can flashback to The LG Report’s interview with Bossy Betty by clicking HERE!.

Yes, all the exclamation points are necessary.  Please don't ask again.

LG reads Bossy Betty’s blog as regularly as he reads any.  It’s exceedingly well-written and, in turns, funny and poignant.  She also shows off her immense talent as a photographer and, occasionally, sprinkles a bit of culture on the unwashed masses with a poem or two.  And not the kind that begin with “There once was a man from Nantucket...” [Which, as you might guess, is LG’s favorite opening line…hey, you can’t polish a turd.]

Bossy Betty [Note: Not her real name.  LG will not betray her confidence, however, so we’ll use the pseudonym here] has been facing some daunting personal challenges as of late, which LG first learned by reading her blog.  Bossy seemed a bit down-in-the-dumps (which is usually where LG does his clothes shopping), so when LG learned that he’d be going to California for a business trip, he e-mailed Bossy and made the audacious proposal that Bossy join LG and Mrs. LG for a meal on a Sunday.  In an equally audacious manner, Bossy accepted.   

And she didn’t even try to dictate the meeting spot.  Bossy, she wasn’t. 

So we met.  And had a truly enjoyable brunch.  Or lunch.  LG is never clear as to how to classify that meal.  His rule of thumb: “brunch” is simply "lunch" on a weekend.  Although shouldn't it then be called "w-lunch?"  Feel free to be the first to popularize the word "w-lunch" in your town, no need to even footnote LG.   You're welcome.     

Bossy Betty was witty and engaging and LG and Mrs. LG thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  LG found Bossy to be somewhat as he’d imagined, but not exactly.  Besides not being bossy in the least, she was exceedingly nice.  And fun. And funny.  She also gave LG and Mrs. LG some very cool greeting cards adorned with her stunning original photography. 

So there’s a lesson to be learned here kids, although LG is not certain that he can articulate it succinctly.  Perhaps it’s this:  Don’t be afraid to take some chances by, for example, meeting in-person your heretofore imaginary cyber friends, it might turn out far better than you’d expect.   

Bossy Betty, for one, is a delight.  However, LG can’t yet speak for all of those other characters set forth in the list above, you might have to meet them for w-lunch to decide for yourself. 

Here's a picture of Bossy Betty and LG after brunch/w-lunch.  LG still has some of his prison work-release clothing, hence the orange shirt.

As always, thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back again soon!


  1. This is fishducky from California & that looks suspiciously liks Santa Monica beach. Let me look again--yep, that's definitely the Pacific Ocean!

    I agree--there are some woderful people in the blogging world. There are a few (w2hom I've never actually met) that I consider close friends.

    One last note--you CAN polish a turd! I saw it on MYTHBUSTERS once.

  2. Betty was not drunk here. (Just wanted to make that clear.) At least, I don't think I was. I really don't remember much....

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Bossy Betty. You are right, she is a delight. And so are you..for that matter!

  4. I'm here from BB's blog. So nice to know she's not Bossy though I really did think she was a Betty, lol. Glad you two (three) had a chance to meet. I've met a blogging buddy too and that was so nice. I hope to get meet more of them some day.

  5. Hey Mr. LG! I've been a follower of yours for quite some time, but I just haven't been much of a commentator! :D

    I'm so happy you were able to meet Betty in person. No, I haven't had the pleasure yet, but I consider her a lovely friend, and will meet with her someday, I'm sure!

    Thanks for the photos and the blog post!

  6. i would love to meet some of my bloggy buddies. i feel like i know some of them better than the people who actually revolve in my geographical circle. i'm glad you had fun with bossy and i'm glad neither one of you turned out to be sneaky internet killers.

  7. How fun, and what a nice photo! I love the view from your hotel, too. I have had the questionable pleaseure of meeting Rodney, the Midget Man of Steel from Mental Poo. Despite that experience, I'd love to meet more of my blogger buddies. (just kidding about Rodney...He's not as short as he would lead you to believe!)

  8. Enjoyed your post. Will definitely be stopping back by.

  9. Oh, my gosh!!!! When I read this this morning, I almost popped out of my chair!!! How great is THAT??? I love it!!!

    And congratulations on that work release program, LG. You're rockin' the Workhouse Orange, let me just say right now.

    I love me some Bossy, and I'm not referring to cows or dairy products, necessarily. I am thrilled, and only mildly jealous that the two of y'all (plus your gorgeous wonderful bride) had a meetup.


  10. And now? Now I'm jealous. :-) Betty thinks she looks drunk (and who's gonna argue with her? Not me! Have you argued with Betty when she's drunk?! SHEESH!), LG looks like he'll share his shrimp cocktail with a gal, and best of all NEITHER ONE OF YOU ARE WEARING COATS! In November!


  11. That is very cool - They don't let us have visitors here except on Sundays between 1 and 4. Maybe one day some cool blogger will end up in a cell close to mine!

  12. Geez. Getting a look at my old stomping grounds (LA native), and then checking out Bossy Betty was a double treat. Her posting on the Matter of the Rings was a knockout. You have some terrific friends. Not to mention some fine postings yourself. Best to you. EFH

  13. How cool. I love Bossy Betty's blog. You're spot on about her writing.

  14. I love Bossy Betty! She is a fabulous writer, and just the sweetest! :)

  15. Hi LG...I came over from BB's blog to personally thank you and Mrs. LG for doing what all of BB's followers have wanted to do, #1 meet her #2. give her a great big hug and tell her everything will be all right!!
    Great photo
    Hugs from Madi and Mom Right coast dwellers.

  16. So nice to hear about this meeting of great and funny minds! Wonderful picture.

  17. What a super picture! Hoe wonderful that you three were able to meet up and enjoy some quality time together. I'll bet there was much merriment. Now, may I please implore you not to test out fishducky's allusion to the possibility of polishing a turd. I know from your fascination with these gross things (even if only of the plastic variety) that this may have seemed rather tempting. However, I don't think your gorgeous wife would agree to sharing the same bedroom with you if you do. So don't! As always, I loved my visit. I'm leaving now, having enjoyed a good chuckle and a warm-hearted post (yes, my heart was truly warmed to see I got a mention). Thank you!

  18. HOW wonderful...I have to remember to check for errors before I post my comments!

  19. Thank you all for the exceedingly nice comments (and, don't worry Desiree, LG won't try the turd experiment as tempting as it may be...), LG knows many of you came over here from Bossy's blog and LG greatly appreciates her shout out and kindness, she really is very cool and LG encourages anyone who has an opportunity to meet her to do so, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. Thanks again for everyone's support, you guys rock!

  20. I'll take my $50 dollars in small bills please...Hahahaa....WHAT?!! Well Betty SAID!!Hahaaa...

    Just kidding...Isn't Betty a doll? I love reading her post.
    So glad she led us to Your writing!
    Have a great weekend...

  21. Stopping over from Betty's place. She mentioned something about $50 for her
    Sounds like you and the Mrs had a nice visit with Betty.

  22. Sometimes the best meetings are those when you finally meet a blogger in real life. And then, as in my case, some of them become you best friends.

    Awesome for you and the Mrs.

    And I LOVE the line, "you can't polish a turd" Might become my new tag line instead my usual "You can take the girl outta the trailer park, but never the trailer outta the girl!"


  23. I came from Betty's blog and you do not disappoint. I'm glad you came when the weather was nice and the ocean did have a raging storm pounding on it. It looks like you were at an LA beach somewhere. I am a left coaster - just a little south of there in Orange County. I like your blog, *heavy sigh* so it looks like I'll be following it. I keep thinking I need to cut back but it's so hard to do.

  24. HA... Betty does look drunk in that picture! Did I read that right? Betty is not Bossy's name? I must have gotten that wrong.

    I have serious blog envy right now. It's two fold. ONE, you got to meet Betty and TWO, we are not blogging buddies.

    well of course I'll sniff yours and hope you'll sniff mine.... but most important I so appreciate someone who takes blogging to heart!

    bravo to you LG! BRAVO!

  25. Bossy Betty has been a favorite read of mine for a long time, too! I was over at her blog and saw the link to yours, so I hopped over! Hello, fellow Pennsylvanian!

  26. I popped over from BB's blog just to see who her wonderful friend in orange is. Glad to meet you.. you tell a fine story.

  27. Hi LG and Mrs LG - fantastic you met up with Bossy Betty - sounds like fun and a good meet up ... and cheers for now from a British Hilary!

  28. Hey! I popped over here from Bossy Betty's place. Plus she murmured something about you paying each of us $50? So, uh, ya wanna click on my name to get my e-mail address? I'm kind of hard to track down for a mailing address since I travel full time! Just kidding! Well - not about the travel part but about the $50. Unless you are feeling generous. Or you won the lottery. Or you're just crazy. THEN, sure, I'll take your fifty bucks. Whatever.

  29. Thanks again for all the great comments and thanks to Bossy Betty's readers who have signed on to follow The LG Report (I've returned the favor where possible.) You should all try to meet Bossy sometime if you don't know her "in person" already, she's great!

  30. Stopping over from Betty's and laughing at her above comment ;-)

    Glad you guys got to meet in person and got along so well. That's a bonus in blogging.

    Cheers, jj

  31. What an utterly fabulous post and as I love Bossy Betty too this was even nicer.
    So, when do you get to bring Mrs LG across the pond? lease try not to wear the orange shirt though...we Brits are pretty dowdy...we like to blend in with our weather.

  32. LG, this is my angry post about glaringly omitting me from your list of people. (angry.angry.glare.glare) I've met you in person. I may have a picture to prove it. Don't make me post it. It could be embarrassing.

    Anyway, glad you got to meet BB -- what a cool experience. I really would love to meet a few blog friends... I am working on making that happen.

  33. I love that you got to meet Bossy Betty! And yes, the hotel view is amazing. And yes, that orange shirt does have convict undertones, but you're handsome enough to pull the whole pen-look off!
    And Betty is even prettier than I had imagined!

  34. Dude! If you were in the LA area and didn't think to get in touch with me for a non-virtual w-meal, I'm going to un-follow you and un-friend you! Just kidding, of course (too many keystrokes). But, please, next time you're going to be in this part of SoCal, let me w-know!!!

  35. ---How cool that you guys met :)
    I love that you made that happen...
    & the photo is brilliant.


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