Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doctored Headlines

LG pulled these headlines off of AOL News tonight (yes, they're real).  The first line is the actual headline (in blue) and the line immediately below is LG's attempt at humor... If you have better suggestions, please leave them in a comment, this is wiki-comdey folks!

  • Army Veteran Mistakenly Declared Dead Four Times

  •  But Still Elected Mayor of Chicago!

  • Former Detroit Representative Allegedly Part Of Major Drug Ring

  •  Declares in Court: "Hey, at least I had a job, unlike a lot of people in Michigan"

  • Romney Skips To Minnesota Amid Talks Of Big Endorsement

  •  Sets Guinness Book Record for longest distance skipped!

  • U.N. Debates Tough Demands On Syria, But Lacks Military Options

  •  Considering Holding Next U.N. Debate in Syria to Put Warring Parties to Sleep

  • Frying Pans Help Save Trapped Costa Concordia Officer

  • Cruise line now considering making frying pans captain of newest ship

    Fying pans can be seen on the deck directing women and children to the lifeboats.  Photo Taken by Captain Schettino


    1. I've wracked my brain, but I can't top you tonight, my friend!

    2. I'm thinking that I'll keep a frying pan in my carry-on from here on just in case! Think those TSA guys will mind?

    3. Very funny! But, wow...that picture of that ship is just freaky....

    4. Wow, "Army Veteran Mistakenly Declared Dead Four Times"

      That is why you should always get a second opinion. Or in this guy's case, 5 opinions.

    5. You are at the top of your game, as usual! Thanks for the chuckles!

    6. I always knew there was a good reason to have multiple frying pans in the house! See LG, you've enlightened me on why I will never take a cruise. Haha.

    7. You mean frying pans have more than one use of cracking your husband over the head? Huh. Who knew?

    8. That's it! I am packing my heavy duty frying pan when I go on my cruise in a few days. Or rather, SPLENDA'S frying pan since we both know I have know clue what that really is.

      And I'm so sad to see Mitt's face disfigured as a clown. That's my man LG!

    9. Your wit and sense of humour surpass all others! I'm still laughing at Romney setting a Guinness Book record. Go Romney...eerrr...or Obama!...whatever. I'm not even American. I just hear about these guys when I watch The View.

    10. You are in your element again! These were great!

    11. Hahaha!!! My very favorite is visualizing Romney skipping all of that way. Good stuff, LG. Goooooood stuff. (Also really liked "wiki-comedy".)


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