Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

"Oh, wait, LG, didn't you promise us that you'd put up part two of 'My Old Man and the Sea' by today at the latest?" 

Yes, I did.

I'm a liar. Sorry.

I've been working on the conclusion to "My Old Man and the Sea," and it's possibly the greatest thing ever written in the history of mankind (at least I think so), but I've been distracted by such pressing matters as St. Patrick's Day and all those damn NCAA Tournament preview shows on ESPN.  If you missed the first part, click here  to catch up....

Go Villanova Wildcats!

So, I'm sorry to say, it's not here just yet. Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure.  They don't pay me enough at this bleeping blog to get everything done on time.  Sorry, that's life.

But, in the meantime, I have some pix and a brief story to share with you. 

Ten years ago, three individuals in the insurance industry decided to shave their heads on St. Patrick's Day to raise money for childhood cancer research.  They called it "St. Baldrick's" since they were going bald, as many kids do when they receive chemotherapy.  The goal was to raise $17,000 because St. Patrick's Day is on March 17th.  The three men had their heads shaved at Jim Brady's bar in Manhattan's financial district.  The final tally came to $80,000.  Not bad.

Since then, the event has grown astronomically.  Astronomically.  Three years ago, LG participated as a shavee.  His three-man team collected $18,000.  St. Baldrick's has now raised over $80 million (yes, $80 million) since its inception and is held in about 15 countries.  Again, not bad. 

A doctor from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) spoke at Jim Brady's today.  He said that in the next five years, more progress will be made in the fight against childhood cancer than in the previous 80 years.  Obviously, that's very encouraging news.  The survival rate for childhood cancer 20 years ago was 17% and now it's 78%.  Real progress is being made. 

For more information on this great charity (which is the largest fundraising event for childhood cancer research in the world), click here.    

Earlier today, I was at Jim Brady's to watch the head shaving and to raise a glass for good ole St. Patrick.  Unfortunately, that had the dual effect of delaying the conclusion of "My Old Man and the Sea."  I'm sure you understand.  Here are some pictures from earlier today:

That's Mike on the far left.  He's evil.  And then there's Lainie, Annie, Nancy (partially obscured) and Karen.  They had imbibed a few drinks by this point, in case you couldn't guess.  Karen, on the far right, had just eaten a lemon. 

This is Sandy (also known as "Wackie") and Lisa.  That amber colored liquid in the glass in the background is ginger ale.  Really.

Armen, on the right, has been known to complain that he's never appeared on LG's blog.  Armen has asymmetrical eyebrows.  Mike, on the right (no, that's not an escapee from the Central Park Zoo, but we don't blame you for thinking so...) is trying to help Armen out by aligning his eyebrows in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.  It isn't working.  These guys were both supposed to be working at this hour.

Mike, on the right, had his brain removed (it was only minor surgery) and has been left with an empty stare.  You can't see this in a single still photo, but Annie, on the left, is batting out "Help me get away from this gorilla" with her eyelids.   That pin on Mike's lapel is his company's logo.  Yes, geeky.  But he's hoping it will help preserve his job.  He needs every advantage that he can get, believe me.

So that's it kidz, another St. Paddy's Day in New York City.  Tune in again tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of "My Old Man and the Sea."  But not too early.  Thanks!

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