Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Sadness

The Madness of March is supposed to bring joy to fans of NCAA hoops,
But, not so much if your team out of the tournament early poops.

What the F happened to a squad that I thought had the stamp of Final Four?
Instead, early and unceremoniously they were shown the freakin' door.

Now, fans nationwide are dumping on the highly-touted Big East,
"See...they lost early, on their ranks the other teams did feast."

Notre Dame, Louisville, Georgetown and Marquette,
If you wagered on their first tourney game, you'd have lost your bet.

With my beloved NovaCats out of the fray, I'm distraught, so just tighten the noose,
All I can do is sit, zombie-like, in front of my TV and yell the unthinkable: Go 'Cuse!

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