Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reminder: Deadline for Voting is this Friday, March 5th at 5pm!

The LG Report wants to remind everyone that the deadline for voting in the Cutest Dog Contest is 5pm this Friday.

At present, it seems like a few dog owners have called upon a wide network of friends to cast ballots in favor of their dogs.  That's fair, but let's hope that we also have a large number of impartial voters weighing in.

As you may remember, a bag of delectable dog treats awaits the first-, second- and third-place finishers.  And we're talking really tasty morsels.  Unfortunately, these delicacies have attracted an unsavory element to the contest -- creatures who have no business entering.  Our LG Report security force caught TWO HUMANS posing as canines in order to try to win these scrumptious prizes.

First, we nabbed Dannie as he tried to pass himself off as an Australian Cattle Dog:

Nice try Dannie but everyone knows that Australian Cattle Dogs (that's a real breed by the way, look it up if you don't believe us...) only drink Sheaf Stout (a real Australian beer), not, as one might expect, Foster's. Very clever disguise  however. 

Next, our security team apprehended Geo posing as a ferocious German Shepherd:

It's common knowledge, however, that German Shepherds don't wear eyeglasses -- they have pretty good eyesight.  And, last we checked, German Shepherds don't have three rows of teeth.  Nice try though, Geo.  Grrrrr....

So there we have it: two imposters, both smoked out by the top-notch LG Report security squad.

Please don't let these phonies deter you from voting, there are some very cute canines worthy of your ballot, just scroll down to check 'em out.  And it's all above-board, each vote is meticulously counted.

Thanks again for reading the blog and for voting.

Now would somebody please get Geo a squeaky toy....

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