Thursday, May 20, 2010

The LG Report Brings You The L.A. Report

You've probably figured out by now that The LG Report spares no effort in attempting (underscore "attempting") to entertain its readers.  We take our motto seriously: "Injecting a bit of humor into your day."  We're the blog that people have trusted for their USDA daily requirement of juvenile humor (vitamin JH) since December 2009.  [Advisory: the USDA has not evaluated these statements. Check with your doctor before beginning any regimen of Juvenile Humor.]

Yesterday LG flew from NYC to LA to generate a blog posting for your entertainment (and to attend a conference about which  you're not interested.)  Here are some photos from the day's travels:

This was the window view at seat 19A.  I think we were above one of the Pretty Good Lakes (considerably smaller, and lesser-known, than the Great Lakes.)   I always look out at the wing to make sure that nobody is riding on it, like in that episode of "The Twilight Zone" with William Shatner.  Yesterday nobody was, but I've seen people out there in the past.  Curiously, they never look cold. 

This was the cabin view from my seat.  I looked around for any potential shoe bombers, but saw none.  However, the guy in front of me was a shoe-remover, and those can be bad too.  There was clearly a need for Dr. Scholl to make a house call. 

That's the Allegheny River flowing through Pittsburgh....  Psyche, no it isn't!  I just said that to excite readers from Pittsburgh.  Everyone knows that the Allegheny River has been redirected so that from the air it spells out "Steelers."

The odds are that someone you've seen at least once on TV or in the movies lives in one of these houses, I just don't know who or where.  This is a poor man's aerial Tour of the Stars' Homes.  Best we could do on a shoestring budget.

This photo depicts the United Airlines terminal at LAX yesterday.  There might be a celebrity in this photo, look closely.  Actually, the guy on the left looks like Cliff Clavin from "Cheers," no?  I think it's him.  Let's just say it is.  Oh, and look, speaking of "Cheers," Bebe Neuwirth is on the right with her rolling luggage.  It appears that they're mad at each other.  I'll sell this picture to The National Enquirer.  I can see the headline now: "Cheers Co-Stars in Big Fight at LAX!"

Speaking of celebrities, at dinner LG ran into Ed O'Neill, formerly Al Bundy on "Married with Children," and currently starring in "Modern Family."  He was enjoying a plate of sushi at Yuyu with his wife, and was only too happy to pose for a picture.  Very down-to-earth guy.

Also dinning at Yuyu last night was Lou Diamond Phillips.  Lou got his big break with the role of the title character in "La Bamba," and has made a series of unremarkable films since then.  He said he's starring in this year's movie "Transparency."  Wait for it to come to the $3 theatre near you (he's not going to read this; I'm just giving you good advice...)   
I don't want to let any cats out of any bags, but rumor on the internet is that the blank star on the left is being reserved for The LG Report as soon as the Hollywood Walk of Fame starts honoring blogs.  It's just a rumor however, so please don't spread it beyond everyone in your address book.  And maybe people you talk to at the office.  And on the street.  But let's keep it to that tight circle.  Thanks.

That's it for today.  Gotta run to take a meeting at the studio.  Have your girl call mine.  And remember, The LG Report is always 100% gluten-free and a great site to "Like" on Facebook and/or sign up to follow using the button to the right of this post. And don't be afraid to leave a comment, don't cost nuttin'.  See you soon...


  1. OMG I love the line about redirecting the Allegheny River. You are a hoot.

  2. very funny "LG"....what's wrong, can't spell Monongahela???

  3. Great blog! Keep your content consistent, keep using those great photos and keep looking for new readers. You will be a hit in no time:-)

  4. Would it surprise you if I said that I, too, check for the wingwalker?

    Not far from one of the Pretty Good Lakes,


  5. Haha! Love your Pittsburgh joke!


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