Monday, May 3, 2010

The LG Report Branches Out... a couple of ways. 

First, our extremely limited edition LG Report t-shirts got some international play recently when Geo (he's now what's called a "bold faced" name) wore his in Istanbul, Turkey:

Look at the sign in the background if you don't believe that Geo was really there.  Plus, he'd just taken a Turkish Bath, dried himself off with a Turkish Towel, and had eaten some Turkish Taffy.  And please don't think to yourself "Geo in Turkey is a redundancy."  That's not right.

In case you're wondering, above the red star on Geo's shirt are the Greek letter equivalents of "LGR."  Fraternity boys already boys knew that.   

Second, The LG Report has just joined Facebook! 

Yes, we know that you don't think that the exclamation point and the yellow highlighting were warranted, but we did.  Please bear with us. 

If you look us up and confer "Like" status (Facebook recently did away with being a "fan"), we believe that you'll get notification whenever a new post goes up.  We're not sure of this, however, being fairly new to Facebook.  We were on it once before, in a personal capacity, for a very short time, before being run off by some weirdoes from our past.  Of course, "we" are speaking in the plural, but "we" are really are referring to just one person.  By saying "we," it sounds more intimidating and may keep those weirdoes away this time.  We'll see... But please recommend The LG Report to all your Facebook friends (except the weirdoes...)

Don't make us beg (although we will if we have to...)  If you "Like" The LG Report we promise to behave ourselves and not deface your page....

SOME UPCOMING LG REPORT HIGHLIGHTS (Yes, again with the yellow)

These are going to be good:
  • An interview with the lovely, talented and witty Patty from Montana, the second in our 50-state series of interviews. Also, other exciting state interviews await, such as Rhode Island (actual size);
  • For Mother's Day, one of the best stories you'll ever read of a mother getting the last laugh on her wise-ass son (that would be me).  And we do mean literally -- the last laugh; and, finally, 
  • An EXCLUSIVE interview (you'll have to click in to see why) with the cast of MTV's "The Jersey Shore."
On a personal-ish note, as a resident of NYC, I was disconcerted by the car bomb attempt in Times Square.  Luckily, the guy didn't use a Toyota  -- that would've been really dangerous!

That's it for today folks.  Thanks again for reading and please keep clicking back. Please, please fall in "Like" with us on Facebook -- and tell all your friends!

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