Sunday, May 30, 2010

MIG's Memorial Day 2010 BBQ in Pictures

My sister, MIG, held her annual Memorial Day barbecue yesterday at the Jersey Shore.  The weather cooperated and we had a great crowd, although not all invitees could attend.  My cousin Alexandra commented that my interview posts are too long, so in the spirit of paying attention to readers' comments, I won't belabor the lead-in here.  I'll just post the pix and let you get the feel for what you may have missed (or replay the day for those of you who were there...)  Enjoy! 

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Abby and Athena smile for the camera.  In ten years these beautiful girls will be making boys cry, no doubt.

Cousin Alexandra, a REAL housewife of New Jersey, flashes her million dollar smile.  I was going to say something nice about her until she said that The LG Report's state interviews are too long.  Sorry.

Cousin Alexandra also commented that The LG Report contains "too much Geo."  Hard to argue with her on that one, although she's busted indulging in a little Geo herself in this shot.  Note Geo's t-shirt.  Nice job Geo, keep pandering and we'll keep posting pictures of you despite Alexandra's protests. 

Alexis and Abby show off the tattoos that LG gave them at the end of the night.  In years past, LG used temporary tatts, but this year he figured out how to give permanent tattoos.  Shhh...the parents don't know yet!

Alexis, Athena and Abby enjoy some balloons.  This photo was taken using the exclusive LG Deck Cam from above.

Bea, Michelle and Gail enjoy some alcoholic beverages at the barbecue.  Since the legal drinking age in New Jersey is 21, these girls can only get their booze at social events until they become old enough to drink legally in bars.

Chris, from Toledo, and Ron, from somewhere underground near the center of the Earth, mug for the camera.

Denver, Alfred, Abby and David enjoy the deck which LG slaved for hours to clean and set up meticulously.  YOU'RE ALL WELCOME PEOPLE!!!

This is cousin Emilio. If you can't afford a guard dog, print out this picture and post it around the perimeter of your property to keep intruders away.  Emilio would normally be sacked out on a  couch watching NASCAR on a Saturday afternoon, but he decided he needed a less intellectually-challenging pursuit for the afternoon.  And you thought the Jersey Devil was just a myth....

Abby, Jimmie and Sophie couldn't be at the barbecue, so they e-mailed this photo while wearing LG-endorsed rubber teeth.  Oh, wait, those are Jimmie's real teeth.  His nose, however, is believed to be fake however...or are the ears fake?

Joe, wearing a battery-powered neon pastel shirt that also purportedly comes in a men's style, is seen posing with his granddaughter   daughter wife Mary. 

Little Rosie is quite the cutie, there's no denying...

Buddy (left) and the Baddest Man on the Planet, Sergeant Dizard, are pictured enjoying a conversation.  Sergeant Dizard once punched Chuck Norris so hard that they almost had to rename his show "Walker: Texas Cripple."  Don't mess with Sarge! 

Now here's a serious barbecue attendee...Tom comes armed with his own fork (see pocket on right).  Watch your fingers when he's going at the corn on the cob.  If you can't afford a shredder, throw your old credit card statements in his way....

Stan, who mistakenly admitted to not reading The LG Report, is seen impersonating Ernest Hemingway, while Geo tries to figure out what he just took a bite out of.  Looks like cat to us.

Tom, Rosie and Angie, one of America's Cutest Families. 

Ron reacts adversely when told that we've reached the last picture in this barbecue posting.  He's not a happy camper.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos, please click back soon.  And leave a comment, "like" us on Facebook and/or follow LazarusNYC on Twitter.  Thanks, and please take some time to remember those who have served our country.  Happy Memorial Day to all!

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