Thursday, June 3, 2010

Public Service Announcements

We have some public service announcements today, along with the announcement of the winner of the "Write One Stinking Line" contest.   Please contain yourselves.   

Let's start out with our first-ever LG Report political endorsement.  This is Marge:

Marge is a 40+ year old (note: if we gave her exact age we might get a fresh one across the face) housewife who lives in New Jersey's 6th Congressional District.  She has chosen to endorse Anna Little for Congress.  

Ms. Little (pictured right), the mayor of Highlands, NJ, is "Tea Party approved" and is running in the Republican primary on June 8th.  If you live in New Jersey's 6th Congressional District, Marge would like you to vote for Ms. Little.  You should do as she says because, trust me, you don't want a fresh one in the kisser from Marge.  And if you're good, maybe she'll throw you one of her scrumptious strombolis.  But you'd probably have to stick "Little for Congress" signs in the ground to earn one of those...

Here's a picture of Marge with the only political sign I can recall seeing on her lawn since 1974:

To learn more about Ms. Little and her qualifications, political beliefs, etc., please click here.  We promise, no fresh ones will come through your screen. 

I stuck one of the signs in the sand at the beach over Memorial Day weekend (much to my sister's dismay.)  Hey, you can never do enough when trying to earn yourself one of Marge's strombolis....


The Greater Berks (PA) Food Bank is a terrific organization.  It serves a lot of free meals each year, primarily to children and low-income seniors.  John B., one of their board members and a friend of The LG Report, asks our readers to help them in their quest to win a $25,000 grant by clicking here and voting for the food bank in a competition among various charities.  Scroll about halfway down the page linked above and you'll see the green-and-white circular logo of the Greater Berks Food Bank.  Just click on the "Vote" button below the logo.  If you're feeling particularly charitable, you can vote once each day until the June 10th deadline

The next screen after you vote will ask you if you'd like to register, but that's not mandatory for your vote to count.  You can simply vote and leave.  

Thanks for your help with this great cause.  We have just received a photo of John B. and here it is:

He's such a fan of The LG Report that he actually had our initials tattooed onto his forehead.  Way to go John!

Winner of the "One Stinkin' Line" Contest:  John P., mostly by virtue of being the first one to respond, but his two answers were definitely witty.  Congrats John P., your dough will be in the mail shortly.     

That's it for today folks, short and sweet.  Thanks for stopping by....

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  1. Whoo Hoo - to be mentioned in a blog as distinguished as the LG Report. Plus, the mention was in the same post as the first and, probably, last political endorsement LG has ever done! That's basically saying that I, John, am endorsed by the LG Report. And to think both my high school guidance counselor and mother said I wouldn't amount to anything.

    I can be reached at peden.john at


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