Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sorbsy Cup Remains in New York!

Gather 'round friends while we tell a tale that begins back in 1999, in the dark days before Facebook and Twitter, when a man named Sorbsy began a small annual golf competition among some buddies. 

Eventually, this friendly endeavor evolved into a match between a team from the Philadelphia area, captained by Sorbsy himself, and a New York-based team, captained by LG (Team New York/World.) 

Thus was born The Sorbsy Cup. 

[Pause here for dramatic effect while the gravity of something as important as The Sorbsy Cup sinks in.]

[OK, just a bit more of a pause.]


The winning team, as you probably know from reading the sports pages, gets to possess this beautiful trophy during the year following its victory:

(photo courtesy of Dannie)

The winners also get the Sorbsy Cup Jacket, which is a black tuxedo jacket with white iron-on letters spelling out "Sorbsy Cup" on the wide-and-shiny lapels.  And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the MVP of the winning team gets to wear the Sorbsy Cup MVP Helmet.  Here's an eyeful of that beauty:

Juvenile you say?  Immature and inane? Sure, but we're talking about grown men here, what more would you expect? 

This past weekend The 2010 Sorbsy Cup was hotly contested at golf courses in the Avalon, NJ area.  And The LG Report is happy to announce that Team New York/World retained The Cup for the second year in a row!  Here are some photos from this momentous weekend:

Team New York/World members Quinny (background) and Dannie preparing for the competition on the night before by carb-loading with some Miller Lites.  Not pictured: the foot-long cheese steaks that they just downed in a cheese steak-loading exercise.  Did the camera catch Quinny in the act of a surreptitious pinky-pick of the nose? You be the judge, it's snot for us to say. 

Here's Team Philly captain Sorbsy about to strike a ball which was conveniently dislodged from its resting place along the base of that tree with his foot wedge.  The form is terrible kids, so don't pay attention if you're looking to improve your game.

Sorbsy pauses between championship rounds for a Dagwood Bumstead-like sandwich.  The fruit salad in the background is just for show.

Team New York/World poses at the Princeton Grill in Avalon with The Cup after its hard-fought victory.  Nobody in this photo wants to be identified by name.  The lighting was bad, really.

Sorbsy, trying to ride the coattails of Team New York/World, hams it up with some adoring fans at the Princeton Grill.  Despite appearances, it wasn't 70s Hairstyles Night at the Princeton Grill.  Let's hope Mrs. Sorbsy doesn't read The LG Report!    

At the end of the weekend's fierce rivalry, the competitors gather for a Brodak moment (which is a photo of guys only; you just got your learn on courtesy of The LG Report!) From left: Paul, Mike, Dannie, Quinny, Sorbsy and Eric.  Not pictured: Lisa and Molly (Inside joke: they are hated first wives of two of the competitors) (you had to be there...) 

A heartfelt shout-out to Team Philly member Blair, who was on the DL and unable to participate in this year's Cup competition.  Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery from all The Cup participants.

That's it folks, a brief glimpse into the world of competitive low-talent golf.  Thanks for reading, see you again soon.

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