Thursday, April 7, 2011

Final Four: Rip Offs Galore

LG recently attended the NCAA Basketball Tournament's Final Four in Houston.  Rip-offs were abundant, starting with his flight.  From soup to nuts, it was one big Rip-Off Fest.

Here's a sample of what LG is talking about:  

Airline Travel: Airlines are now in the business of nickel-and-diming you at every turn, only they aren't really extracting nickles and dimes, more like fifties and hundreds.  Changing a flight will lead to immediate bankruptcy for most passengers.  Continental, when we encountered turbulence, tried to pass the hat to collect a "Thrill Ride Surcharge" for the pronounced jerking of the plane.  If we were on an ocean liner, LG would've sworn that we were being hit with a Violent Torpedo of Truth.

The only airline that abides by "Truth in Advertising" laws. 

Soft Drinks At The Arena:  In Houston, when the locals saw how much a bottle of Diet Coke was going for at Reliant Stadium ($4.75 for a bottle costing 99 cents in a 7-11), they immediately bottled up all the oil wells and started drilling for Diet Coke.  Seriously.

Parking:  It cost $25 for the privilege of wedging your car into a tight spot at Reliant Stadium.  Twenty-five freakin' dollars.  For that price, they should name the lot after you, which they actually did in LG's case: 

Tickets To The Game: LG is too embarrassed to tell you.  He's not even sure why he typed this in the first place.  Let's just move along and pretend we never saw this...

The View For A Basketball Game In A Football Stadium:  A total and unadulterated rip-off.  Here's the view that LG had:

That's the basketball court way off in the background.  And that large boom on the left that held a TV camera continually swung into our sight lines to block what little view we had.  Except we did have a perfect view of this guy:

Painted Man.  He looks like a wacko...and in this case looks didn't deceive.  But he never totally snapped by running onto the court to hug a player or set himself on fire or anything good along those lines.  That was another rip-off in LG's book.

LG could go on, but he won't.  You get the picture. If you wanna be ripped-off, head to the Final Four next year.  Unless it's on someone else's dime, in which case, it's a great time!

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  1. You have re-enforced my belief that I'm better off watching the Boston Celtics on my 42" tv at home than springing the bucks to take the train to the TDGarden!

  2. No thanks. What you described is what I had already figured was the case. I'll just continue watching at home. And, if I want to see someone painted, I'll just paint Hubs.

  3. Thanks for making me feel happy about watching the games in a comfy chair in front of a big screen without a blue and white noggin obstructing the view!


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