Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Pictures for Two-sDay

Warning: Objects may be closer than they appear in the blog.

LG is a bit disappointed today.  Last week The LG Report was up to a record 46 followers, but now we notice that we're back down to 45.  We'll let the hounds loose to track down our escapee.  We don't know who deserted us, but we'll probably find him hiding in a barn in a nearby village.  Must be a fan of San Antonio who took exception to our previous post.  Maybe he's hiding in the Alamo. 

Our tasers are set on "high" and the fugitive will be subjected to a Homeland Security-style full-body scan and an "aggressive" pat down search.  All of our guards are nicknamed "Fred Sanford" because they are not shy about touching your junk. 

The rest of you who stayed behind and didn't race through that hole in the fence will be given an extra cookie and an extra hour of TV after dinner.  We reward good behavior around here.

OK, back to our "Two Pictures for Two-sDay" theme.  In bloggerland, it's quite common to make up new (and lame) themes as needed.  Whatever works and is convenient.  LG had two pictures to post today so, presto, the new theme. 

One picture is old and one is new.  Sorry girls, but nothing here is borrowed or blue.

Here's the first shot, circa 2000:

This is a Halloween photo of good friends of LG's who live in Connecticut.  As LG recalls, they were the "Garbage Family" that year.  A somewhat random and wacky idea, but, let's be frank: it fits perfectly with this blog.  Look at the son on the left.  Have you ever seen a kid less happy to be in a Halloween photo?  LG is not sure if the Rod Stewart hair was real or a wig.  LG is pretty sure that the youngest boy, in the middle, had not graduated from anything at that point in his life, despite the graduation cap, and LG knows for a fact that the oldest, on the right, was not studying at Boston College at the time.  Overall, LG's friends did a great job with this costume.  They'd fit right in in San Antonio.  Did we just lose another follower?

This second, and final, photo of the day is quite special.  We've been told by New York art dealers that we can expect it to one day hang in The Louvre or The Favre or one of those other great international museums. 

According to experts, it should fetch at auction (sometime in the next five years) between $29 million and $43 million.  An eccentric industrialist from Switzerland is the most likely buyer.  The name of this great work of photographic artistry, which LG snapped himself on Saturday, is simply "The Great Coincidence."

Here, feast your eyes:

That's all for today folks, please check back again soon.  Thanks for stopping by, as always! 



  1. Who's the beautiful woman? A Victoria Secret's model?

  2. That kid in the picture is hilarious! I love how everyone else is smiling and just ignoring his howls!


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