Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sorbsy Cup 2011

Once a year, in late May or early June, a group of about eight guys (half from the Philadelphia area and half from the New York area) get together at the South Jersey Shore to contest The Sorbsy Cup, a golf competition between average-ish golfers from those two metropolitan areas.  Average-ish is probably being kind, but just go with it.

This has been occurring for just over ten years.  It's really is of no significance to anyone other than the participants, but it's a good excuse to get together annually with some buddies who you would otherwise not see on a regular basis.

For this year's competition, LG (captain of the New York team) took it upon himself to make a new trophy.  Here's an interesting fact that you may not know about trophies: If you carry one in public, people will approach you with no reluctance to ask where you got it and what you did to earn it.  The New Sorbsy Cup looks like this:

LG scoured the internet for a large-and-ostentatious trophy that wouldn't cost him an arm and a leg.  He could find none cheaper than $600.  So he decided to make his own.  This Sorbsy Cup was originally intended to be a vase for reeds and tall artificial flowers when it was offered for sale at an outlet of the Michael's craft store chain.  LG picked it up for $18.25 and invested another $3.25. in a can of chrome spray paint at Home Depot.   One of the competition's participants remarked that the seashells on the bottom of The Cup looked a little "feminine," but LG explained that they were in keeping with the Shore location of the matches (a bit of quick thinking on LG's part, thank you.) 

Here's a picture of Sorbsy, the creator and namesake of the event, holding The New Cup:

LG regrets to announce that Team Philadelphia won the event this year (Team New York was the defending champ), and so they get to bring home the hardware and show it off for the next 12 months. 

Here's a snapshot of just one of the many groups of fans who asked to have their pictures taken with The Sorbsy Cup.  A $5 fee was charged for each photo and donated to charity [Not really, but it sounds good.]

The girl on the left has probably never had a worst photo taken of her than this one.  But, then again, they all look better when posing next to Sorbsy (sorry Sorbsy, that's what you get for winning The Cup.)  

And just in case you think that The Sorbsy Cup is contested in high-class locales, here's a sign that was in the men's room at one of the bars that was frequented: 

That's it folks, short and sweet today.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It might go without saying, but employees being reminded to wash his/her genetiles is a tad worrisome.

    LG, come over my way when you have a moment.

  2. I love that: a $5 fee charged and donated to charity! haha! It did sound good!

  3. Gosh how I yearn to have a cup like tha adorning my sideboard! And maybe even a sign for the bathroom....snort giggle guffaw!
    Loved your post as always oh great amusing one. Please remind me to never let you take my photograph though.

  4. that not tha - tha is not a colloquial use of English by us country bumpkins but a typo!

  5. I love your trophy! Well done! The shell emblem looks quite regal/crusader-like to me, not at all 'feminine'. Great post, as always, but I have to agree with Carol...don't moonlight as a photographer, OK?

    I'm intrigued as to why the employees of that establishment required a reminder to wash their nethers! What do they get up to at work???

  6. That's an awesome trophy! I'm sure it is highly coveted!

  7. I think I like your trophy a lot better than I'd like Sorbsy's cup... Although I guess in golf, depending on your team you may or may not need to wear one.

  8. Thanks for writing today, LG. You lifted my spirits.

  9. Oh! That trophy is great! You can make one for me any day.

  10. You really make me laugh! I love that you spray painted that and said you were donating money to charity when you weren't. You really are a quick thinker!

  11. Also want to add that I love the cup and the scary-looking girl. Keep up the good work!

  12. Team Philadelphia! I am visiting you in two weeks to congratulate you. (If I see you.)

  13. Hi LG just to let you know that you have been tagged at facing 50 with humour - play nice and let me catch you :)


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