Friday, October 22, 2010

Get A Famous Mouth-Watering Stromboli From Marge C.!

The last time we checked in with political activist Marge C., she was making a very persuasive argument for U.S. Congressional candidate Anna Little.  You can see that message by clicking HERE.

As the congressional elections draw closer, Marge C. has decided to tone down her advocacy a bit in order to attract new supporters for Ms. Little.  Here's her new appeal to voters in the Sixth Congressional District of New Jersey:

Some unrelated thoughts:

- Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater avoided jail earlier this week in a plea bargain.  Instead, as punishment, the court ordered him to fly coach on JetBlue once a month.

- The New York Yankees were knocked out of the major league playoffs tonight when their opponents inserted Chuck Norris into the line-up.  Walker, Texas Ranger, hit a 10-run homerun and tossed a perfect game by spitting the minimum number of pitches to home plate.  He was busy using his arms to bend confiscated illegal guns into bicycles for underprivileged children.  

That's it for today folks, thanks for clicking in, hope to see you back again soon....

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  1. Dear Lazarus,

    Love Marge's straight talk and I approve of your message except the section on chuck norris. You neglected to note that he has shrunk even further to a current height of 3'4"---a new low.


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