Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Idiotic Images Tuesday

Some bloggers, like my friend Jessee, whose most excellent blog will appear magically when you click here, do something called "Wordless Wednesday" where they post one or more photos without any text. 

LG doesn't do that.  He writes a lot and talks a lot, but, as his personal motto informs us, "I may talk a lot, but I don't talk too much."

Here are some photos that LG took in the last week, which we'll call "Idiotic Images Tuesday."  The Tuesday part isn't alliterative, but since today is Tuesday, it seems to fit.  Best we could do, get off our back.

Let's get to the photos, we can tell you're annoyed already.

First, here's a picture that LG took yesterday while golfing (he was setting a course record, the nature of which we won't say...)  LG wishes that all of us had our "number one problem" in life be as severe as the major problem facing golf today:

Hmm....apparently Golf (capitalized to signify the entire monolithic world of Golf) hasn't heard about the Great Recession, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism, rising taxes, Gulf of Mexico oil pollution, nuclear proliferation, bedbug infestation, North Korean and Iranian crazies, global warming, Snookie and the designated hitter rule.  Golf also has a problem with proper punctuation (e.g. missing an apostrophe to make "everyones" possessive.)  But none of that is nearly as serious as slow play.  God save us from slow play, the number one problem!


This full-page ad really annoys LG.  Cablevision is in a dispute with the FOX Network over subscriber fees.  Both sides are appealing to the public to apply pressure to the other.  This ad, paid for by Cablevision, attempts to say that a small child should not be used as a "bargaining chip" in the dispute.  Meanwhile, what is Cablevision doing by putting the child in a full-page newspaper ad?  Using her as a bargaining chip!  This dynamic has played out nationwide between many cable TV providers and networks -- two very rich companies pandering to the public for support of their position.  It's annoying, dumb, greedy and annoying.  Oh, wait, did we already mention "annoying?"  Being repetitive is annoying too.  Sorry.   

LG didn't get a look at the Einstein driving this vehicle, but who writes "Monster Truck" across the windshield of their truck?  Have you ever seen a BMW with "Luxury Car" written across the windshield? Or a KIA with "Tin Can"written on it?  Maybe the driver of this car looks like Frankenstein and meant to write "Monster's Truck" on it?  [PS If any loyal readers of The LG Report have "Monster Truck" written across their windshield, we're sure it's totally classy and warranted!  We're using you as a bargaining chip here...]

That's it for today folks, some good posts coming up (unlike this one!) so make sure to check back again soon.  We promise not to trap you underground for 69 days. 


  1. This Tuesday thing might just catch on!

  2. Perhaps the Monster Truk is isn't really "Monster Truck" misspelled. Maybe, just maybe, it's a vehicle used to carry scary things away from the island of Truk in the Pacific Ocean. In which case the owner would be a hero because he's (assuming the owner is a he) helping all the little Truk kids get a good night sleep and have good dreams and everything.

    Perhaps one of the children whose nap is saved by this wonderful person will grow up to invent something really important like cold fusion, a cure for cancer, or a way to finally shut down reality shows.

    LG (since LG refers to himself in the third person, should we commenters also refer to him in the third person?) could very well be poking fun at the person who will create the next Nobel Peace Prize winner.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. We all want more followers. I'll do my part you are now one closer to 1000.. Love the golf sign. You have a great blog. I'll be back

  4. The Golf piece stretched credulity I imagine deliberately so I will spare you the defense. Nonetheless I think it was not even funny since it misread the sign (all the words are capitalized, etc.). Good blog but amateur humor on the golf bit since it required an extremely narrow perspective to generalize it in that way. I like to hear the updates on noit since he is a friend of mine. Most of the blog is enjoyable but as it gets less personal (events in your life) with respect to topics it flounders.


The LG Report appreciates all comments, thanks for taking the time; Karma will probably award you a winning lotter ticket or something. The "or something" being more likely. But thanks again!