Monday, February 14, 2011

A New - And True - Geo Story

The LG Report: An official selection of The Sundance Blog Festival. 


Ok, you busted us, there is no such thing as the "Sundance Blog Festival," and if there was, we certainly wouldn't be invited.  Can't blame us for trying.   Onward... 

The best photo ever taken of Geo.
Many of you know of Geo, who's now an worldwide Internet phenomenon.  If you're unfamiliar with him, you can click HERE.
for some of the exciting details.

Last night, Geo asked LG to join him and his wife, Anne, and another friend, Philip, for dinner at a place called Arctica.  It's on 28th and 3rd in NYC.  LG had never been.

Anne and Philip, who were already out and about, were going to meet Geo and LG there. 

Walking up 3rd Avenue, LG asked, "So, you've been here before Geo, how's the food?"  

"I've been there a few times, it's good," Said Geo, "Regular bar food, you'll like it." 

Geo steered LG into the place and told the hostess that they'd be a party of four.  She seated LG and Geo at a booth near the back. 

Geo ordered a bottle of wine.  About 15 minutes later, while sipping the generic red, he said "It's not like Philip to be this late.  Can you call Anne to find out where they are."  

As usual, Geo had lost his cell phone.  Which, itself, was a replacement for the previous cell phone that he had lost, or broken, or, possibly, lost after he broke it.  

Geo is very forgetful.  He's an absent-minded professor, only without the professor part. 

LG called Anne.  She answered by asking anxiously, "Where are you guys?  Philip and I are here at Arctica in the back.  When are you getting here?"

LG looked toward the very back of the bar.  He didn't see Anne or Philip.  Then he looked down and flipped the menu over.  The name of the place was "Choice. Kitchen and Cocktails." 

Geo had mistakenly brought LG to the wrong place.  Despite the fact that Geo had been to the right place multiple times before. 

Now Geo was sipping wine, while Anne and Philip languished in the correct place.

LG:  "Geo, you said you'd been to Arctica before."  

Geo: "I have.  This looked like it. Sorry."   Here's a photo of Geo in Choice, making the best of the situation:

Now here's a picture of Geo at Arctica: 

The pictures don't fully do the situation justice; the two establishments really don't look very similar inside. Notice, for example, that Arctica has no booths. 

After dinner, LG, Geo and Philip were walking together towards home.  They were about six blocks from Arctica when Geo said, "Shoot, I left my hat at the restaurant. I have to go back."  

"Which one?" LG asked. 

"I don't know.  I'm not sure if it was at Choice or Arctica,"  said Geo, as he abruptly excused himself and  scurried up the street to find his missing baseball cap.  

Hopefully Geo won't be offended by this post, but no matter if he is: he'll forget all about it in a day or two...

INTERVIEW SERIES CONTINUES!  The LG Report's  50-State Interview Series, which has now gone international as well, will continue in a day or two as we check in with Sandra from Canada.  Sandra is the author of the very funny and popular blog Absolutely Narcissism, and she has some great answers and insights for those of us yearning to know about our neighbors to the north.  

It'll be entertaining even for those who don't give a damn about our neighbors to the north, but just want some laughs.  So please check back soon to read what Sandra has to say -- you won't want to miss it!



  1. Geo sounds awesome and that Arctica place looks pretty bitchen'! Great story.

  2. Now I understand the question you asked me about Geo! I still think assassination by my mother's wine would work although he'd probably go to the wrong house.
    Just been visiting 'Absolutely Narcissism' and so I am really looking forward to that interview.

  3. Geo seems a bit confused.....early stages of Alzhiemer's maybe?

  4. indoor scarf in Choice but not in Arctica. Maybe you could do a posting on your opinion on indoor scarves??


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