Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photos of the Week

Internet media star Geo was seen dining out in Manhattan last night, shortly after appearing at a screening of his blockbuster autobiographical film, "Despicable Me." Fellow reality celebrity Bethany Frankel had just left Geo's table (his left arm had been around her; we're sure you can imagine her in that empty space.)  And don't think that we mentioned Bethany Frankel just to attract Google hits because she's on the cover of People Magazine this week.   We're not that low.  Or are we?

Not all baking in the world is being done on the premises of the Red Lion Diner.  Someone please alert the authorities to this false advertising.

Obviously he was destined from birth to go into the pizza business with a name like that.

If you have a dog who insists on bringing dead birds and other incapacitated animals into the house, you'll understand LG's instincts with the captioned.  Whenever I am asked to unclog a drain, I must show its contents to the drain owner, much like a dog bringing its prized possum into the house. 

Here you see two hair clumps that I retrieved last weekend from two different drains.  Fascinating, I know.  Hey, you're the one reading this blog! 

We apologize for the rather offensive nature of some of this week's photos but we were recently forced to fire The LG Report's official censor, Mel Gibson, who proved to not be up to the task.

Thanks for clicking in, and please keep coming back, there are some good features coming soon! [Honest...]


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