Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well it should be.  

And who bothers making up these signs?  It seems like there's almost unlimited growth potential for a business that makes signs telling people what things aren't crimes.  They should be running their production lines 24/7.  That wouldn't be a crime either (another sign idea...)

OK, dogs I'll allow to skateboard.  That shouldn't be a crime. 

I'm always amused by obituaries (yes, I've hit the age where I scan's not a crime...I find it interesting to read about people's abbreviated life stories...) that say things like "Lived in the area 15 years ago," or "Son lives in Middletown," or "Once had a cup of coffee in this county on way to Florida."

Couple other quick thoughts: 

* I'm pitching a TV series idea to The Discovery Channel.  It's about men who die or suffer severe injuries picking tomatoes to supply Heinz.  It's called "The Deadliest Ketchup."  

*  All businesses advertise that they're "Conveniently Located."  My ass.  How do they know exactly where you are and what's convenient to you?  Although I guess they're within their rights to say this since, like skateboarding, it's not a crime... 

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