Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Follow-Up to the $5 Challenge

Caution: The LG Report may contain peanuts and/or be typed on a keyboard that has been in contact with peanuts.    

We normally don't do follow ups here at The LG Report, but since we collected 18 comments (at last count) to our previous post on The LG Report's $5 Challenge, we thought we'd divert somewhat from our normally strict adherence to the rules. 

If you don't recall our previous post, you can access it by clicking HERE   in case you're too lazy to scroll down a bit.  If you are too lazy, let us know and we'll call The Guinness Book of Lazy Bastards for you. 

For those who don't know, we paid young Henry $5 to smash a piece of cake into his face.  He did an excellent job, even dragging it downward after the smash.  We suspect, upon further review of the video, that Henry actually ate a bit of the cake, but we didn't charge him for it.  That's just the kind of people we are here at The LG Report

The LG Report offered a $10 performance bonus to Henry if we received at least 10 comments on that posting.  Many of you were kind enough to offer opinions such as "Give him $20," and "He deserves more."  Sure, it's always easy to spend someone else's money, especially in a recession.

Here's what happened:  We paid Henry the $5 in cash shortly after the cake smashing, but we intentionally gave him a counterfeit bill.  Here's what it looked like:

Being a young kid, Henry apparently didn't notice the word "Counterfeit" stamped across the bill.  Nor did he realize that it was a $100,000 bill rather than a fiver.  We never said Henry was an M.I.T. scientist.

Anyway, Henry was picked up yesterday morning trying to pass the phony bill at a Manhattan liquor store.  LG was called down to the station to bail him out.  LG offered Henry another $5 bill -- a real one this time -- if he'd grab the guard's arm and yank it through the cell and break it. 

He'd have to do it slowly, of course, so that LG could get a picture for the blog.  Always thinking of the readers.

Henry refused, and is now serving 5 to 7 in the New York State prison on Riker's Island.  Oh well.

Nah, just kidding

We paid Henry the $5 and now we owe him an additional $10.  We tried to fork it over yesterday, but Henry wasn't around when we skateboarded over to his place.  We'll get the money to him soon, rest assured. 

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with comments, even Henry's dad, who, we suspect, posted 5 or more comments under "Anonymous."

We have some really great posts coming up (we just don't know what they are at the moment) and we hope that you click back again soon!  Thanks for stopping by. 



  1. I guess I'll have to point out that is a $1,000,000, not a $100,000. I recently helped a Nigerian prince move some money around and he sent me 12 that were exactly like that except the word "counterfeit" was in yellow ink, not red. Anyway, I just deposited them and will be purchasing a new house next week.

  2. Hooray for Henry! Glad you got the comments so he could make extra cash!


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