Friday, January 7, 2011

A Photographic Grab Bag

Women who are nursing or pregnant, or may become pregnant, should consult their doctor before reading The LG Report.

Last night was the annual holiday dinner which LG has attended with between 15 and 20 friends every year since 1999 or so.  This is usually fertile ground for ridiculous games, embarrassing stunts, etc., mainly due to the presence of Kambos [Note: The LG Report has revised its longstanding practice of not using last names.  It will still identify non-celebrities by only one name, however it may be their first or last name.]

LG's friend Kambos, after reading The LG Report's $5 Challenge, had advised LG to bring plenty of $5 bills to the dinner.  LG made a special trip to the bank just for that purpose.  He was expecting a $5 Challenge bonanza; a windfall producing enough pictures to last for weeks of posting.

Alas, it was not to be.

Due to a combination of factors, including a cranky bartender who, rudely, wouldn't allow people to lie or stand on his bar, LG was only able to coax Kambos into one $5 photo.  LG blew up two balloons and dared Kambos to wear them under his shirt as if he had female breasts.  Here's the money shot:

Pretty disappointing, don't you think?  Looks sort of like Frankenstein in a business suit after receiving breast implants.  Or a modern-day Jackie Gleason.  Isn't it nice to have your own blog so that you can insult your friends publicly?  I'm sure Kambos enjoys the attention.

Next topic: 

For Christmas this year, LG presented Geo with a few gifts, including this box from Tiffany's:

Geo was taken aback. "Oh you shouldn't have!" he exclaimed.  He expected something nice.  Then he opened the box:

Geo's reaction was really just a gift that LG was giving to himself! 

And, finally, another entry in our eclectic collection of signs seen on the streets of Manhattan. 

Surely you've heard of the runaway best-selling book (and movie) "Eat. Pray, Love."  Well the culinary equivalent of that in Asian restaurant circles is:

Not a lot of sentence structure there.  Or wasted words.  "Lunch Sushi Open" pretty much gets right to the point.

That's it for today folks, please stop back soon.  In the meantime:  Weekend Enjoy Relax!


  1. That cockroach was gross! Bad gift! Bad LG!

  2. I like the boob shot and LOVE the sushi sign. The roach...not so much. I would be very sad if I saw that inside my Tiffany box. :-(

  3. Oh boy are you a hoot! The cockroach gift was gruesome but strangely hilarious too :)
    I came by to thank you for visiting my blog and I'm now signed up as your most recent fully fledged LG report follower. I just love people who can make me smile. I'm off to read some more of your posts.
    Warm wishes
    Carol from
    The one with the British sense of humour!

  4. I'm late, but that just means that we can dispense with the formalities and get down to the serious drinking, right?



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