Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Sign You'll Never See at Tiffany's...

...because they allow people to smoke right next to the doorway at the main store in New York City!

LG snapped this picture at an Army/Navy store (why are they never called "Navy/Army" stores?) in Bradley Beach, NJ.  As a friend of LG's says, "You can't polish a turd."

Below is a photo of A.J. about to launch a helium balloon with a note attached telling anyone who finds it to e-mail the date and location of its finding to  We released four such balloons over the Labor Day Weekend.  Two headed due east, directly over the Atlantic Ocean, while the other two, a day later, sailed west. 

If we receive any responses, they will be posted on The LG Report.  Also, just for fun, if any readers want to e-mail us a phony, but funny, note telling us that the balloon was found, we'll publish it -- as long as it meets our sophisticated standards (no vomiting in the doorway or on the e-mail...)

We're still unable to post video clips due to technical difficulties ('s, we think, not ours...) but we'll get some up as soon as possible.  We know you crave the video clip even more than the Taco Bell. 

Go forth in peace.  But come back soon. [And please don't forget about our special September 11th remembrance posting that will be up on Saturday...]

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