Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes, Really...

This is an actual, honest-to-goodness family portrait (circa 1970s) sent in by a reader of The LG Report.  Truth be told, she didn't submit it for publication (although she admits to knowing that the risk existed), but, rather, she offered it up as proof of some point or other.  LG can't remember the exact issue at the moment.  Looking at this photo tends to wipe out all other thoughts in one's mind.   She may have been trying to prove that a man could pose for a photo with a gunshot wound through his suit while wearing eyeglasses purchased from the Estate of Buddy Holly and still maintain a smile.  No, wait, that wasn't it.  

LG was taught as a child that if he has nothing good to say about someone, he shouldn't say anything at all.   In keeping with that principle of life, we'll end the post here.  See you back again soon!

PS Print this photo and keep it around to remind yourself, on bad hair days, that it could be worse!  


  1. Sara knows how to rock a fro, that's for sure!

  2. I think they are a pretty good looking family with two cute kids.
    Would love to see a LG family photo circa 1970.

  3. Obviously the wound wasn't fatal, which may be why they all look so happy.
    The green of that background no longer exists anywhere on earth. It was exclusive to the 1970s, as was the brown/green/gray? of the father's shirt. I bet the members of that family still like each other. There's something in the way they're all smiling that can't be faked.
    Congratulations on the BON from WOW, and that's all the acronyms I allow myself in one day.

  4. Folks, that adorable, sweet little, bushy haired, ball of fire is one of my bestest friends ever (30 years, tyvm). This photo is LEGENDARY. I needed to be hospitalized after the first viewing. Then I had find a way to make sure it stayed in my possession for THE REST OF MY LIFE! Like my senior prom photo, this one's just too good to keep to oneself. i am thrilled both my little pictured frind AND LG chose to share it within the blogging world! Let the distributing begin!!
    Love, Loyal NYC Friend & Reader


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