Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yappy Hour!

My sister, who shall go by the designation of MIG for our purposes, has two dogs: Jake, a 9-year old German Shepherd mix who was  rescued from a kennel, and Sophie, a one-year old purebred German Shepherd with 50% Satanic blood. Or maybe 40% Satan's blood and 10% liquid LSD in her system, it's hard to tell. 

Here's a thumbnail description of the sitch:  If MIG's house were on fire while I was visiting, she'd save the dogs first, their toys and treats second, and me third.  Actually,  I might come in fourth behind her Coca Cola memorabilia collection, depending on her mood.

Last Thursday, MIG decided to take Jake, the more socially adept of the two, to "Yappy Hour" at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park (NJ).  It has an outdoor space where dogs can run free whilst their owners belly up to enjoy various libations.

Jake was the first dog to arrive.  He was calm, but only until the other dogs started trickling in.  Then he began barking, running around wildly, and causing a great commotion.  In other words, he became the Yappy Hour's canine version of Lindsey Lohan.  He even bared his teeth at one point, a very rare occurrence.

Here's a photo of Jake "in action" by his normal standards:

Anyway, suffice it to say that the Jake-ster had to go home early because of his behavior.  Here's an overview of doggy networking at the Yappy Hour.  TIP:  A good butt sniff can tell you a lot more than any Facebook page, you should try it!:

And, finally, here's a portrait of Luke, a 155-pound Great Dane who took it upon himself to assist the bartender with her duties:

Knowing that you're all addicted to the sweet nectar of the video clip, as is ole LG, here's a brief look at the Yappy Hour from the standpoint of a participant:

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Due to continuing technical difficulties at the Blogger.com site, we cannot post any video clips until further notice.  Once this glitch is repaired, we'll have some good ones (by our standards anyway...) for you, so stay tuned!

And, as always, thanks for checking in.  We hope to see you back here again very soon.

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  1. Hi Lazarus, I've been meaning to stop by and thank you for your comment last week on my BON day. I appreciated it, and I also love the opportunity to find a new blogger. Your Yappy Hour post is fun and funny. I also noticed the reference to your Sept. 11th writing. (Which I will check out.) Ironically, my post scheduled for tomorrow is also -- for me -- a departure from humor. As you'll see. (Please drop by, but not -- this time -- for a laugh. I know I'll drop by yours again!)


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