Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blog Posting: A Tale of Two Cell Phones...

Today we have our second guest blog posting on The LG Report, this one coming from Eggman, a friend of LG's since way, way back in the day.  Even further back than that, actually. 

At the conclusion of Eggman's submission, there will be a brief recounting of Geo's latest antics, always a thrill for his legion of fans known as Geo-natics (I just made up that term, let's see if it sticks...)  

Let's turn it over to Eggman:

This is a Motorola w755 black cell phone.  It is sturdy, dependable, and functional. This particular one was, and is, owned by a 16-year old teenager named Austin. It was his first cell phone. He got it when he was 13. He also happens to be my son.

It spent nights under his pillow waiting for texts. Still ticking.

It has been dropped, kicked, thrown and stepped on. Still ticking.

It was in the pool. Twice. Still ticking.

It took a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Still ticking.

It went through the cold wash and rinse cycle of a Whirlpool front loading washer. Well, not ticking anymore.

Actually, you could charge it up and actually make a call from it, but you wouldn't be able to see any of the displays. I think you get the picture.

So when it came time to for me to find a new, sturdy, dependable and functional cell phone for myself, I naturally went to my teenage son for advice. Scary as that sounds, teens are experts on cell phones. They know how to work all the functions without looking, and can text a paragraph in 2 seconds. My conversation with my son went something like this:

"Hey Austin. I need a new cell. Any recommendations?"

"Not mine," he snarled.

"Why not?" I asked incredulously. "Yours has been through the ringer. I need a sturdy, dependable, functional phone."

"Not mine," he repeated.

"Obviously, I don't need your permission," I scolded. "I'll just get it."

"OK,OK,OK. Just get a different color."

So I triumphantly ordered my phone. "Hey Austin. I ordered my phone."

"What color?" He asked.


"WHAT!!??" He screamed. "You can't have a purple phone. Are you crazy? That's not a 'guy' color. Cancel it!" And he stormed off somewhere.

You know, The Minnesota Vikings have always worn purple, Prince's favorite color is Purple, Jimi Hendrix wrote "Purple Haze."  I could go on and on. I do get a lot of sideways looks when people see me with my purple phone. But I persevere. It's a sturdy, dependable, functional phone.

Alas, Verizon tells me it's time to get a new phone ("New Every Two.")  And, again, I find myself on the verge of ordering the same LG Env3 that Austin now owns. Of course, his is a very cool cobalt blue. Mine, undoubtedly, unfortunately, reluctantly, will have to be a different color.


Thanks Eggman for sharing that great story with us, much appreciated.  We're guessing that Austin won't be sending the link to this blog entry to any of his friends...
Speaking of friends, last weekend I gave Geo a ride home from the beach.  As is his usual custom, Geo forgot all of his possessions in my car.  On this occasion, that meant his beach chair and towel. 

I owed him a birthday gift, so later that day I showed up at his place with his beach chair and towel.  I had folded the towel and put a small gift bow on the chair to throw him off a bit.  Here's how the scene looked:

Unfortunately, Geo eventually figured out that I hadn't bought him a new towel and beach chair, but was merely returning his property to him.  He did, however, admit that after I'd dropped him off at home, he went to the private pool where he has a membership and promptly forgot another towel there when he left. 

The upside of all of this is that we'll never be able to tell if Geo gets Alzheimer's as he ages....

That's it for today folks, keep checking back regularly and tell all your friends to do the same (or at least designate us as a "liked" spot on Facebook, we'd appreciate it a lot!)

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