Friday, August 27, 2010

Picture Essay and a Look at The 'Bank

LG turned the ole Blackberry on its side this morning and shook it vigorously to cause some pictures to spill out.  Coincidentally, they formed a photo essay.  Here's what it said:

  We'd like to be frank with you...

We know that you have a lot going on in your life, and visiting various sites on the web can really take a bite out of your time...

But make no bones about it....

We consider it a real treat to have you spend some time with The LG Report...

And we mean that, we're not just trying to be cute! [Unlike Chloe here, who lives in Houston and is the well-behaved daughter of Stefano and Gelena...]

LG couldn't figure out how to work this picture into the photo essay, but the uncle of the drummer in this band is a friend of mine and he said if I publicize the band on The LG Report there may be a backstage pass in it for me:

And, finally, for those of you who have never been to Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia (home of the Phillies), here's a quick look thanks to an exclusive LG Report video clip supplied by reader Lee of Central Florida.  He visited The 'Bank (as Philadelphians call it) earlier this week:

That's it for today folks, come back soon, another great video clip is in the chamber waiting to launch, along with ... who knows what else?  Always something surprising awaiting at The LG Report!

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