Friday, August 13, 2010

Pix from the Blackberry...

LG is always on the lookout for a good photo opp to share with the wonderful readers of The LG Report.  And, luckily, he just about always has his Blackberry camera-phone with him to capture these moments. Today seemed like a good time to tip the ole Crackberry on its side and whack it a few times to see what pix came tumbling out:

A "Baby on Board" sticker, really?  Really?  These things were obnoxious enough back in the 1990s (or was it the 1980s?) when it seemed like every other car had one of those suction-cupped yellow signs stuck to its rear window.  Now it's a sticker.  First of all, the very premise is absurd: "Please drive more carefully and respect and protect me because I may, if my sign is accurate, have a baby on board."   Dumb.  At what age does that baby lose its youthful protection and we get to drive like madmen around it again?  Plus, nobody ever took the sign down when in fact no baby was in the car.  So those signs were like the boy who cried wolf.  Actually, though, I take back this entire rant.  Upon further review I realize that this sticker actually signifies "Someone doing a Russian Folk Dance on board."  My bad.

It's hard to read the sign from this distance.  I took the picture earlier this week on the beach in Belmar, NJ.  The sign, which sits inside a roped-off section, says "Designated Smoking Area."  I could not locate the "Designated Talking Too Loudly and Bothering Everyone" area.        
I took this picture yesterday morning on the NYC #4 subway train going downtown.  Someone defaced a JetBlue ad by writing in Sharpie "Beer" + "It's Been Fun" = "Exit"   I thought that was pretty funny.  I would've grabbed two beers and jumped off the subway, but I probably would've landed on the third rail and electrocuted myself. 

I won't editorialize on this one, I'll just report the facts.  A few weeks ago I was in a bar in downtown Manhattan celebrating someone's birthday.  There was a swing over the bar (not standard in the suburbs, I know.)  You see the gentleman swinging on it here.  Later, a young lady wearing a skirt, and who had possibly been overserved, was helped into the swing by the bartendress.  Someone in the crowd yelled out: "Watch her potato."  I still don't know what that means, but it struck me as funny.  It was better than "Baby on Board!" 

And, finally, I snapped this picture about two weeks ago.  The Gulf Oil Spill.  The war in Iraq.  The war in  Afghanistan.  Our faltering economy.  Iran.  North Korea.  Global warming.  Lebron leaving Cleveland.  With all the major issues in the world today about which one could display a bumper sticker, this guy chooses the designated hitter rule in baseball?  What a moron.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone just rammed him from behind for the heck of it.  Unless, of course, he had a baby on board, in which case I'd yell "Watch his potato!" and grab two beers and jump out into the designated smoking area. 

There, I think I tied all the photos together.  We'll see you back here real soon kids.... (And could someone please get us a 32nd follower; we've been stuck at 31 for months.)  Thanks again for stopping by!

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