Sunday, August 1, 2010

The LG Report Recieves a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

You've all probably read by now in People Magazine, or on Page Six of the New York Post, that The LG Report was recently awarded its own star -- a first for a blog -- on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (not to be confused with that ole Walk of Shame that you used to do in college...) 

Not being a Hollywood insider like LG, you probably don't realize that for the first few months of induction, each star on the Walk of Fame is designated with a hand-written note on a page torn from a spiral notebook (see photo above.)  This is a tradition that started with Jerry Lewis. 

Eventually, master sculptors in Paris (the French love Jerry) will carve the official nameplate for the star.  As you can see, the symbol chosen to represent blogs on the Walk of Fame resembles a page of a blog with a big "V" above it.  The "V" stands for "veracity," since most blogs are beacons of the truth, The LG Report included.   

A large group of internationally-known celebrities showed up for The LG Report's star unveiling, including one of LG's childhood favorites, Bob Denver (also known as Gilligan of "Gilligan's Island.")  You've heard the term "blue hairs" to describe older people who've had their hair dyed so much that it appears to be blue?  Well poor ole Bob not only has blue hair but also a blue face:

Nonetheless, it was nice of him to come out to the proceedings.  

And that's not my friend Chris's foot in the photo of the star, despite the fact that he was recently on vacation in Los Angeles. 

That's it for today kids, mosey along peacefully now....

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  1. Hey LG, I suspect Bob Denver is blue because he stopped breathing sometime in 2005 when he died. Was that Geo dressed as Denver/Gilligan/Maynard Krebs? Probably not too much of a stretch for Geo. Jerry Lewis is still alive. He should have been there. Eggman


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