Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breaking News: Geo Profile Delayed Until Friday

Here at The LG Report  (have you noticed the self-important way that we boldface the name each time? If nothing else, it amuses us anyway...) (as does using the word "us" when there's only one person at The LG Report) we know that our readers take their news seriously.  They want it to be accurate and on time. 

Unfortunately, the much-anticipated Focus on Geo is going to be unavoidably delayed until Friday, February 5th.  Big-budget blog reports, like big-budget movies, sometimes run beyond original production schedules.  It's a fact of life. 

Here's a picture of The LG Report reader Jake  awaiting his Geo Profile fix:
Jake is a bit disappointed, sure, but he understands the sitch.  On the other hand, impatient reader Sophie The Blog Dog doesn't quite get the concept of waiting for something.  Here she takes out her frustration and anger on The LG Report's foot:

Now there's a reader who wants her Geo Profile!!

In any event folks, due to some circumstances beyond our control, we will all have to wait until Friday.  I have another blogging assignment for the next three days (it's true) and, also, The LG Report Archival Management Experts, or L.A.M.E., are still in the process of digging up photos and additional vital information on Geo.  We're also exhuming bodies and torturing some uncooperative witnesses.  It's all good.   
We'll have short posts tomorrow and Thursday, but, no doubt, your mind will be entirely focused on what's to come on Friday.  We don't blame you...

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