Monday, February 1, 2010

Short and Sweet

I've been told that bloggers should vary their posts between long(ish) and short posts.  Mine have been on the longish side, so I'm mixing it up a bit with this shorty.  Please hold the wiener jokes

I hope that last line didn't cost me my self-awarded "G" blog rating.  I just checked with myself ... it didn't.

Here are some random thoughts:

This is my friend Lance.  We had dinner tonight at Yama (see previous post on the best sushi in NYC.)  Lance is British, but lives in Marin County, California with his wife and three children.  He used to be a Lloyd's underwriter (and a fairly prominent one at that, thank you) when I worked at AIG in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Theoretically, we were rivals, but we became friends.  I can't remember exactly how, and Lance probably prefers to forget.  It was many years ago.

You probably wouldn't guess from looking at him, but Lance has a very beautiful and charming wife.  Jan is from Ireland and couldn't be a warmer or more engaging person.  Here's the proof of her beauty:

You know these cute little kids didn't get their looks from Lance!  In this photo from about 2006, Daisy, Hugo and George display rubber tongues that their rogue American uncle (me) gave them.  I'm a bad influence, although you've probably gathered that by now.  I can teach your kids 101 uses for rubber dog poo.

Daisy once told her mother that she wanted to marry me, but that was well before her brain was fully developed.  Those darn fully-developed brains have been killing my chances at romance for a long time now.

I wouldn't trust SpongeBob to have my back in a bar fight.  Bart Simpson you could count on.

Here's my friend Louie with Pavarotti at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. In truth, that's only a cardboard cut-out.  Louie didn't really go with us to Las Vegas. 

No, wait, I got that wrong; the cardboard cut-out is of Pavarotti.  It's amazing how angry Security gets in Vegas when you try to steal a measly piece of cardboard. 

I took this picture at Louie's bachelor party and never thought I'd get to show it to anyone.  I was wrong.

That's it for today folks, it's a shorty, as noted above.  Don't forget that Wednesday is our much-anticipated Geo Profile Day.  I've dug up some old photos of Geo from the archives, and if I'm successful in scanning them, we should have rare insight into the complex character that is Geo.  Until then....

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