Friday, February 12, 2010


Dear Gentle Readers of The LG Report,

How do I know that you're "gentle?"  A poll of LG Report readers indicates that most attend the opera and various museums on a regular basis (albeit, admittedly, the NASCAR Museum and  Ripley's Believe It Or Not count towards that total...) 

Ok, Ok, so what's the "announcement" you ask?  Not so fast.  As with most things, I have to put you through some suspense, delay and torment before I get to it.  I'm sure you're used to it by now.


A year or two ago I read an article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that  people should get more than simply financial advice from their investment advisor.  You're paying such significant fees, it said, that you should squeeze out more value for your money.

"That's true," I said to myself.  Actually, I probably thought it to myself, I didn't say it out loud, although I do talk to myself on occasion.  I'm a good listener (to my own wise thoughts, not anyone else's drivel...)

I sent the article to my investment advisor, the very capable and talented TCH (Remember: we don't use last names at The LG Report) who hangs his shingle with, and is a principal of, Marin Financial Advisors.  Tim has done an absolutely terrific job for me since he became my advisor in 2003.  I think I was his first non-family member client.   Despite Tim's financial prowess, Geo steadfastly refuses to use him. 

Boo Geo!  You stink!  And you still shop too much! 

If you see Geo, please nag him about this.  It's for his own good.

Here's a picture of Tim, circa 1988.  We were roommates on the Upper East Side at the time:
I know, I know, not the most flattering photo, but there's a point to it. 

Tim is such a sage and role-model-worthy person that his son, 22 or so years after this picture was taken, still emulates his dad in all things, including fashion.  Here is a picture of Tim's son Brian from December of 2009:  
See the strong resemblance?   I certainly do.

Astute readers of The LG Report will recall having seen this photo back in December, when I did a post on Tim's family's visit to NYC.  At the time, I told Brian that if he would let me take his picture in an unflattering pose with that hat on, I wouldn't use it on my blog. 

Obviously, I'm a good-for-nothing liar

Not only did I use it, but now I've used it TWICE.  As Brian's confirmation sponsor, I hope that he learns a good lesson about misguidedly placing your trust in someone who you have known your entire life. Wait, that didn't come out right...

Back to the original point....Tim recently gave me some very good advice, about which I had been thinking about even before he wrote to me (for some strange reason, Tim can't stand to talk to me on the phone or in person so he only e-mails, I think it has to do with allergies or something...) 

Tim suggested that I decrease the quantity of my LG Report postings and, hopefully, increase the quality of them.  This way, I'm not constantly putting up half-assed postings about stupid topics.  Henceforth, I'll only be putting up full-assed postings, rest assured! 

Starting immediately, I anticipate only writing about two or three posts a week.  If you're a follower of The LG Report, you'll see the titles of these new posts when you log onto your Google account.  If you're not, and prefer not to check back randomly, please e-mail me at and I'll put you on an e-mail list (this is all your address will be used for, I hate spam too) and will notify you when a new post goes up.  If you prefer to just check in randomly, that's certainly fine too; it will be sort of like checking your Christmas stocking to see if Santa has left anything early.  Or, maybe more appropriately, checking to see if your kid forgot to flush the toilet again.

Not wanting to upset the loyal readers of The LG Report, I commissioned a J.D. Power + Company survey to get reactions to the less frequent posting schedule.  Here was how a homemaker from New Jersey, a Mrs. Marge C., took the news:

As you can see, she was a bit upset.  Nothing that a few whiffs of smelling salt didn't cure, however.  I hope your response is not as extreme.  

Opening Lines of an Upcoming LG Report:

"There have been two times in my life when I felt that I was about to die:  The second was on September 11, 2001 in lower Manhattan.  The first was mid-summer 1975 on my father's boat."    

More Dog Pix

Yes, I know, it IS possible to get too much of a good thing, like dog pictures.  But we're not quite there yet.  Here's another shot of Herbie of Boston, MA.  Apparently, Mr. Herbie felt his first photo on this blog wasn't flattering enough:

And, of course, before I sign off for today, I need to post a picture of that monster known as Sophie The Blog Dog.  If I fail to post her picture semi-regularly, she has threatened to chew up all that I hold dear. 

I believe Sophie's Animal Control I.D. number with the Neptune City Police is 666.  Here's the angel now:

Sophie was photographed while taking a brief break from gnawing everything in sight.  She's available for any small (or large) home demolition projects you may have.   

That's it for today folks, I'll be posting again within the next few days, I hope you click back.  Enjoy your weekend, and thanks again for reading The LG Report!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your wit as I scrolled through your postings. {My graphics and photo editing have improved since the beginning of my blog!)


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