Friday, February 5, 2010

Focus On Geo Delayed One Day by Snowmageddon

Most everyone, whether you live in the Mid-Atlantic states or not, knows that a major snowstorm is heading this way as I type.  The mayor of Philadelphia has already declared a snow disaster (in order to preclude people from parking on certain streets) and all the media is abuzz about "Snowmageddon." 

So I'm using this handy excuse to justify yet another delay in posting the Geo focus report.  In reality, I was occupied with my other blogging duties and I didn't have the time to give the Geo feature the attention that it deserves.  I will tell you, however, that I've dug up some great photos from the archives.  You'll see them tomorrow. 

I know your anticipation is almost unbearable and you're bursting at the seams to learn more about Geo (especially Lisa, his #1 Groupie who only loves him because she hasn't met him) but you'll just have to wait a bit longer.  In the meantime, here's a picture of my sister's dog Kelly.  She passed away many years ago but was a great pooch.  I don't want to become the Blogger of Dog Photos (unless it gets me a lot of clicks, that is...) but it's hard to resist some of these cute shots. 

And for those of you craving photos of another wild beast, Geo, here's a photo to hold you over until tomorrow (like a small appetizer early in the afternoon on Thanksgiving):

Geo has been known to put his foot in his mouth on occasion, as you can see. 

So that's it for today, stay tuned for tomorrow's big Focus on Geo!

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