Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowpocalypse! Snowmageddon! Snow More Puns!

Regular readers of this blog know that I live in New York City.  We had quite a bit of snow in the Big Apple today.  Mother Nature put a kink in my plans for some outdoor exercise, but, nonetheless, I persevered:

Diehard golfers say it never rains or snows on a golf course.

Actually, amidst all of the annoying weather pandemonium today, I thought it would be fun to march down into the lobby of my building dressed like I was going out to play golf.  I knew it would throw the doormen, and anyone else in the lobby, into a tizzy.  Even more importantly, I figured that I could get a picture for the blog. 

I was originally just going to have my doorman snap a photo of me holding my golf bag in the snow, but he got so carried away with the idea that he shoveled off a strip of the sidewalk and made that oversized golf ball out of snow.  He was really into it.  A few passersby stopped to watch and chuckle.  It appeared that they thought that we were doing something for reality TV or a big-time blog.  Oh, wait, I guess they were right...

By the way, they say that the camera adds 20 years and 30 pounds.  


I wrote the other day that The LG Report wasn't going to become simply a forum for displaying dog photos.  However, in the interest of fairness, a lot of people saw the numerous Geo photos and insisted on equal time for their dogs.

Here's a Mr. Oliver "Ollie" Rodriguez of Southport, CT:

Ollie is wearing the team colors of his favorite Spanish soccer squad, Athletico Madrid.  It sort of looks like Ollie is sporting a moustache.  See if you notice the resemblance to his younger brother, Snoopy Rodriguez (known as "Snoop Rod" at the dog run), also of Southport, CT:

They both obviously have a thing for neckwear. Next, here's a Mr. Herbert "Herbie" Betke of Boston, MA:

Herbie was feeling a bit like the world was closing in around him that particular day.  He was probably wary of the coming Snowpocalypse. 

Finally, to close out the dog theme today, here's a photo submitted by New York City resident Mrs. Anne S. of her no-haired Schnauzer.  It was taken just as he was dosing off to sleep:


Today I submitted a word that I created to the Urban Dictionary website.  It's "Sluggage," which is defined as "Luggage which is slow (or sluggish) to arrive at the airport after you have landed."  A sample use of this word in a sentence would be: "John missed his daughter's soccer game on Saturday because he was delayed at JFK by sluggage."  

It seems like a handy word, don't you think? 

Unfortunately, there is already a "sluggage" in the Urban Dictionary.  It's defined as "Bits of squashed slug, usually the result of stepping on a slug." And the lame sample sentence is:  "I don't like the idea that every time I get up in the night to go to the toilet I have to turn the light on because I might have a bit of sluggage between my toes."  Yeah, right, happens all the time. 

My definition, I'm sure you'll agree, has a much more universal appeal and far greater potential for use.  What happens more frequently to you, waiting for luggage or stepping on slugs?  

I'll let you know if it's accepted.  

That's it for today folks, adios.  

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