Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pete + Elda's Review; Part 2 of 3

Listen up everyone. There was a technical glitch a couple of weeks ago that resulted in my computer mistakenly saying that George, the owner of Pete + Elda's (also known as "Carmen's"), in Neptune City, NJ, was "ugly." 

I don't know how in the world that could've happened, especially since George has bought me drinks in the past and would've probably continued to do so in the future had that computer malfunction not occurred, but I'm here to correct it. 

I've called in a team from Microsoft and I think they have the problem under control.

Here's a picture of George.  As you can plainly see, he's quite the handsome man:
 Many patrons at Pete + Elda's mistake George for Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp (am I laying it on too thick?  The drinks there are really good...)

As I mentioned previously, I will provide a full-on review of Pete + Elda's in the late spring or early summer.  It's an excellent place, my favorite Italian restaurant on the entire Jersey Shore.  This is a bit of a mini-review to get me back into George's good graces to give you a heads up before the summer crowd starts rushing in. 

See that surfboard-like sign in the background with the puppies on it? It's above George's big head to the left.  He promised that to my sister, a serious dog lover, just as soon as he gets something else to hang in its place.  I'm just putting this in writing so that he doesn't forget.  Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp reportedly have bad memories.

Pete + Elda's is a great spot from just about every perspective.  The food is delicious, especially the pizza, and the atmosphere is lively, warm and fun.  If you're at the Jersey Shore, stop here for a meal or you'll only be cheating yourself.  I should mention that the bartending staff is top notch.  Here's a portrait of Mike and Tanya:

I really only wanted a picture of Tanya, but Mike wandered into the viewfinder just as I was about to click away, so it seemed only polite to get him in there.  Just kidding Mike!  No need to water down my drinks!

Here's our friendly and attentive server, Melissa:
Mike, Tanya and Melissa all deserve big raises; they're the cream of the crop in restaurant personnel at the Jersey Shore.  I hope cheapo George is reading this. 

What's this, you may be asking. 

That baby is the Xlerator, a super-high potency bathroom blow dryer.  This photo was taken in the women's men's room at Pete + Elda's (you can't prove that I was in the women's room so just drop it.) 

My sister and her friend Gail are responsible for these hi-tech wonders being in the bathrooms.  Maria and Gail badgered George into buying them to speed up bathroom visits -- so that women could more quickly get back out to ogle George.  You can also give yourself a pseudo-shower under the sink (even washing your hair) and dry yourself off with these things.  I've never done that, of course, just heard about it.  Really.

Here's a picture of the menu at Pete + Elda's/Carmen's.  I know, you were expecting a look at the inside of it so that you could see the list of delectible offerings.  Just go there and look for yourself, stop relying on me for everything.
Finally, here's a picture of Tanya and Maria.  She's the most beautiful sister that I have  (there are only two kids in my family.)  And Tanya is the most beautiful bartender at Carmen's (sorry Mike).

So that's it.  This was just a short "teaser" post to whet your appetite for a great meal at the Jersey Shore.

Hopefully I'll be allowed back in now that I've set the record straight!

Also, on Wednesday not only will Geo's high school graduation photo be unveiled, but we'll have a complete posting on him.  Wednesday is Focus on Geo Day, be sure to check it out!

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