Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nick (Nolte) At Nite

An unexpected pleasure befell me last night.

My old friend Nick Nolte (we co-starred in a few "B-films" in the 1980s) happened to be in the same Jersey Shore restaurant as me last night, Pete & Elda's in Neptune City (note: I will provide a full review of this excellent eatery in the Spring, that's not the focus of this blog post.)

Here's how you may remember Nick from a 2002 mugshot after an unfortunate incident with the law.  Police refused Nick's request to see his hairstylist before the picture was taken.  They also wouldn't let him change his shirt.  Or look in a mirror.  Poor guy.  

Since then Nick has worked hard to clean up his life and turn things around, so let's accentuate the positive.  You may not know that Nick is originally from Omaha and was a star athlete in multiple sports growing up.  He might not know that either these days.  

Last night I ran into Nick.  We exchanged some back-slapping stories and he let me take his picture for The LG Report.  Here it is:

The guy on the right is just a fan who insisted on jumping into the photo with Nick.  Nick's a very grateful star who appreciates his fans and very rarely denies an autograph request.
Two unrelated points in this short post.

First, I don't know if you've been following events at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, but Garmin unveiled a cool new website that enables users to track someone's location via the GPS chip in their cell phone.  In these times of the Tiger Woods Scandal, to name just one, many people want to keep tabs on their partners.  This unique new tool is free for a limited time only and can be found at

Second, those of you who read my piece on the Martha Stewart Show might not believe this, but I'm returning to the studio audience, along with three male friends, on January 28th.  That will be Martha's "Super Bowl" show with an all-male audience.  Presumably, Martha will demonstrate how to prepare Super Bowl snacks and will provide other Super Bowl party tips. Stay tuned for a complete recap of that experience shortly after the show.  It promises to be interesting. 

 Until next time kids....

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  1. That is only Nick Nolte if he has had plastic surgery and completely altered the structure of his face and changed his eye color. lol!


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