Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update (Without Seth Meyers)

Ok, so it's not the New York Times Society Section, but here are some photos, and my accompanying commentary, from Friday and Saturday nights.  It's the weekend and things are a bit slow; this was the best I could do.  Stick with it, the posts will get better...and better...

First, from Friday night, here are Anne and Renee at Molly's, an Irish pub in Gramercy Park:

These ladies had just finished chaperoning the Epiphany School's 7th and 8th grade dance.  Epiphany doesn't allow parents to chaperone their own kids' dances.  Apparently, it makes the kids feel self-conscious about trying to hold a hand, sneak a kiss or puff a fat joint (there goes my "G" rating....) 

Anne and Renne have sons in the 6th grade at Epiphany, so they kindly volunteered.  The school needed even more chaperones, so at the last minute they also recruited Mary Kay Letourneau (former teacher from suburban Seattle), Demi Moore and Roman Polanski.

Here's a picture of the duo outside of Molly's:

The blurry person on the far left behind Renee had just been shot in the right butt cheek and was running for medical attention.  We were too busy taking this glam shot to help out.

Let's hope Renee and Anne aren't embarassed about being photographed wearing the same jacket (the collar differs a bit, but, let's face it -- it's the same.)  If you ladies disagree, feel free to post a comment.  I'm turning into a comment-whore, as well as a click-whore.

Renee's husband, Rory (not pictured), is a very personable Irishman, and one of the best anasthesiologists in New York.  I spelled that on my own, by the way.  And no, he doesn't use Bailey's Irish Cream or Guiness in his work. 

Anne's husband, Geo (also not pictured), frequently shows up on The LG Report.  It disturbs me to say this, but someone e-mailed me yesterday to say that "...any post with Geo in it is pure gold."  Who knew that Geo would become a blog cult figure?  T-shirts will be available soon.

Fast forward to Saturday night at the Jersey Shore.  My sister and I went to Pete and Elda's for dinner. It's a legendary Italian bar/restaurant in Neptune City.  Waits for a table of an hour or two are not uncommon, especially in the warm weather months.  As previously mentioned, a Pete and Elda's review will be coming in the spring.  Here's a picture of the owner, George:

I took this from across the bar in dim light, so the quality is not good.  George is actually much uglier in person.  A little blurrier, and this could easily pass for a Bigfoot photo.

I hope George doesn't read this, because he'll never buy me a drink again.  Actually, he's a very good guy (really), and if you mention that you read about Pete and Elda's on The LG Report, I'm sure it will get you a ....handshake.  I went to my 8th grade prom with George's sister (we're much younger than him, of course) but I don't think she'd admit that today.

Due to a technical difficulty, the photo I took of lovely bartender Tonya was mistakenly erased. Ok, maybe it was more of a human error than a technical difficulty.  I know that Tonya is going to read this (since I badgered her mercilessly to log in), so I promise that she'll be featured prominently when I do the full-on review in the spring.  Sorry, Tonya honest mistake on my part.  Please don't spit in my drinks.

Here we see two fellow Pete and Elda's patrons, the lovely Anne (right) and her surly daughter Maureen:

These ladies were sitting next to us and we struck up a conversation.  I think it started when they mistook me for George Clooney.  They're originally from Stony Brook, Long Island, but now live at the Jersey Shore.  They weren't so bad for Long Islanders.

Anne, a very charming woman, runs the Brielle Learning Center in Manasquan.  Geography is the only thing that she doesn't teach.  Actually, her business used to be located in Brielle, so the name is not really that ill-fitting. 

While in this photo it may appear that Anne is giving me the "Ba-fan-gool" Italian salute, she's actually heeding Maureen's advice to cover her chin for the camera.  Saavy women, I learned, don't let their unobscured chins show in photos.  Notice how Maureen slyly props up hers?  Before she pulled this move, it looked like she was wearing a bib.  Just kidding.  Really.
As mentioned, Anne is delightful woman, but Maureen, well...she had a tendency to get up in my face, like my sister sometimes does.  Why do women always pick on me?  Nonetheless, since I may run into Maureen again at Pete and Elda's, maybe even when my back is turned and she has something sharp or heavy in her hand, I'll say for the record that she was a nice fun pleasant decent person.  Actually, she was enjoyable to talk to -- once you got used to her native New Yorker edge.  I think she only gave me the middle finger twice.  

If you live at the Jersey Shore, you should seriously consider sending your kids to Anne's Brielle Learning Center so that they can learn to write a sophisticated blog like this one.  Sometimes I'll use words with 8 or more letters.  Anne strikes me as a very patient and good teacher, despite the way Maureen turned out.  

I'm closing out this post with a picture of my godson, Luigi.  Tell me he isn't the cutest boy you've ever seen. He's smiling because he knows that he can count on his godfather to teach him a bunch of magic tricks, dirty jokes and inappropriate sayings when he gets to the proper age (I'd say seven should be good enough...)

That's it for today folks, thanks for logging on and please come back soon!


  1. Laz,
    Told George I knew you and he threw me out! I think he's upset over that terrible picture you posted of him...Mooseman

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I noticed on your profile picture you have posed with the chin lift maneuver yourself. I think your blog is very funny and have been reading it since we met at P&E. Good Luck. Surly Maureen.


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