Friday, January 22, 2010


It's Friday, as you probably know, unless you've been hitting the hallucinagenic mushrooms early.

Time for a little Freitaggerie.

You probably don't know what "freitaggerie" (fry-tog-a-ree) is, since  I created the word only about a year ago, and it hasn't caught on with the English-speaking public...yet.  But you're going to help change that.  

"Freitag" means "Friday" in German.  No, I'm not German.  I just know a few words in about 10 languages.    "Freitaggerie" is defined as "recreational activities or foolishness of a kind that one might engage in on a Friday afternoon or evening."  But you needn't engage in freitaggerie only on Fridays; you can do it anytime -- just make sure you call it what it is. 

For example, "Hey, Chris, my wife is away for the weekend, why don't you round up the boys and we'll have some freitaggerie at my house?  I'll have plenty of beer, you bring the farm animals." 

Well, actually, that might not be the best sample sentence.  Let's try again:

"John and Susan blew off work last Wednesday and went down to the lake to engage in some freitaggerie.  Unfortunately, John's wife found them and castrated John."

That's not exactly right either.  Here we go, this is a proper use:

"The snowstorm closed school for the day, so Dan and his kids spent the day amusing themselves with freitaggerie." 

There, that one works. 

Hopefully you have the idea by now.  Please feel free to use this word liberally; spread it to your friends and family.  And make sure you use it if you're interviewed on national TV, like on the Haitian Relief Telethon tonight.  The one hosted by George Clooney.

And then have a little freitaggerie, you deserve it.


You might be wondering why that picture of a pizza joint named Luzzo's appears at the top of this post.  A friend of mine, who we'll just call "Heff" since everyone else does (I'm not really protecting his identity here...), told me that Luzzo's has the best pizza in NYC

I've never tried it, nor even heard of it, but I'm going to try to sink my teeth into some this weekend, and I'll get back to you with a review.  It's on 1st Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets in case you're wondering.  It's a good spot, I'm told, for some freitoggerie. 

Gotta keep using a word if you want to learn it.


As you know, The LG Report has a new ad campaign that consists of various celebrities holding the sign that you see above.  This time it's being held by Andy Davitt, the famous Philadelphia lawyer.  If you've never heard of Andy, that just proves my point.  He's uber (2nd German word of this post) famous, but in a J.D. Salinger-reclusive type of way.  The fact that you haven't heard of him confirms this. 

Astute readers of The LG Report will note that both celebrities so far have been lawyers from Philadelphia.  We'll change that up soon, don't worry. 


Tomorrow afternoon I'll be attending the Villanova - St. John's men's basketball game at Madison Square Garden.  Geo (a blog cult figure who needs no further introduction) will be there with his son Henry, who is playing a mini-game at halftime with his school team.  I'll get pictures and will report all of the hard-hitting action right here on The LG Report, so keep an eye out.

I hope your weekend is full of freitagerrie kids!  

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